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2018 Fishing Report

We report each and every fishing trip, not just the days when we get lucky.

June 18 - Beautiful day today with calm seas and no wind. Fishing was great with limits of pacific snapper.

June 17 - Pacific snapper fishing today and the fish were a little bit finicky. Took a while but we finally managed limits. Water was perfect!

June 16 - Fished local today for snapper and the fish were very accomodating. We got limits for six plus crew. Since we limited out eary, we decided to troll for salmon for a spell. Great day but a little bit of a bump on the water.

June 15 - Ran down to Moss Landing for a shot at salmon. Six hookups but lost all but two and one of those was too short to keep. Big Whale show today and lots of boat traffic. Seems the average is still 0-1 fish per boat.

June 14 - Pretty nice weather today and the fish were waiting for us. Steady pick throughout the day of olive, black, blue and red pacific snapper.

June 12 Afternoon - Got pretty windy so we fished closer to shore. Fishing was great and after a couple hours the wind laid down. Half limits of brown, blue, olive and nice black pacific snapper and a blue lingcod.

June 12 Morning - Water still a bit goofy from all the recent winds and the fish are biting!

June 11 - Day started out nice but the water was murky from yesterday so we tried going offsore to find cleaner water. We got to fish for about an hour before the winds kicked up again so we headed back in closer to shore. Fortunately we got some fish to bite and everyone went home with nice fish for dinner. Except for Amanda... she went home with two lingcod to 15 pounds.

June 10 Afternoon - Wind came in and made for some challenging fishing. We had a lot of fun but didn't land any fish. Very sunny and very windy.

June 10 Morning - Very nice water today and sunny! Fish were bigger today with the bigger anchovies we were able to round up. Olive, blue, black, brown and canary rockfish.

June 9 Afternoon - Our second trip today was a little more challenging than the morning trip. The wind picked up and started pushing us pretty fast. But we still made half limits for two very happy newlyweds.

June 9 Morning - Gorgeous fishing day with a great white shark appearance! We fishing local and brought home limits of olive, blue, black and brown snapper.

June 8 - The fishing today never went wide open, but it was a steady pick nonetheless. By noon we were home with limits of rockfish.

June 7 - Lots of variety today with the rockfish. Lots of decent canaries, browns, blues and olives. It was a good day of fishing and we made it home with limits.

June 6 - Off the hook fishing today! Big reds and lots of 'em. Perfect weather all day and a pretty solid bite for six plus limits of olive, blue, brown, canary and red pacific snapper.

June 5 - Perfect weather and great fishing today for limits of a mixed grade of olive, blue, brown and red pacific snapper and short lingcod and halibut we let back to grow.

June 3 - Nice weather and no wind today. Great fishing with big boccacio (salmon grouper), canary, brown, green spot, and red pacific snapper and four BIG lings.

June 2 Afternoon - The wind came in and the fish didn't seem to care for it much. Fished our regular nearshore spots but the bite just wouldn't turn on. Came in closer to our Bolina Arena and finally we started to catch. Came home with a couple dozen black, blue, olive, brown and red pacific snapper.

June 2 Morning - Great fishing crew today and with lots of patience. We worked pretty hard and fished several locations and had a steady pick throughout the day. 3/4 limits of olive, blue, black, copper, brown and red pacific snapper and one lingcod.

May 30 - The wind got us good today. We fished hard and stayed dry but it wasn't the most comfortable conditions. We managed to bring home 3/4 limits of blue, olive, brown and black pacific snapper and released back one short halibut.

May 27 Afternoon - Wind came back in and made for a bit of a bumpy ride. Our crew worked hard for nice red, brown, olive, blue and black rockfish.

May 27 Morning - Two dads and four youngsters under 12 had the best fishing trips of their lives today. A lot of catching today for our youngsters and wildlife show too. We had otters, sealions, pelicans, dolphins, sea weasles and more. Great day and limits for all plus crew.

May 26 Afternoon - Even more wind to deal with for the afetrnoon trip and the fish didn't seem to care. Fish were biting good! Quality black, olive, blue and red pacific snapper, lingcod and a nice halibut. Wind is supposed to start calming down tomorrow.

May 26 Morning - Had some wind to work in which may have helped the bite go so wide open. We crushed the olive, brown, canary, and red pacific snapper and brought home a couple lingcod too!

May 25 - "Tom, what an epic day! Thanks again, the crew and I had lot of fun. See you soon! Nancy, Johnny, Sione, Mo And Paola."
- Don't mess with Islanders! These folks brought home 150 pounds of canary, red, boccacio, brown, olive pacific snapper and six lingcod to 15 pounds.

May 22 - Another banner day of great fishing for big fish. Filled the fish box with 8 lingcod to 18.5 pounds! Mix in another 100 pounds of canary, olive, brown, copper, greenspot and red pacific snapper to 8 pounds and you got yourself one heck of a haul!

May 21 - Talk about gettin 'er done... We slammed the blues and olives for early limits for all and crew then we came in closer for some lingcod action. Brought home 70 rockcod and three lingcod. Let the small ones go to grow and even a lingcod or two that we're too big (they got away)! Live bait was king today.

May 20 - Another great day of fishing and high winds too! We ran out to the Deep Reef for some BIG lingcod, canary, copper, green spot, and red pacific snapper then came closer to shore to top off the tanks with quality blue, olive, and black pacific snapper.

May 19 - Wow, what a fun fishing day today. Had some wind to reckon with but our group fished through it and got rewarded with lingcod and brown, olive, copper, canary, blue, black and red pacific snapper to five pounds.

May 18 - Great fishing today and some really big fish! Non-stop action for six lingcod, canary, boccacio, olive, brown, and red pacific snapper to over seven pounds. Lots of whales around today too.

May 14 - It was a slow and steady pick for the first few hours this morning, but around 10:00 the fish lit up, and had limits of nice olives and blues, as well as a mix of bottom fish including a nice lingcod. We've been getting lucky with the availability of live bait lately and hope it stays available to us.

May 13 - Fished local potluck again and the bite continued GOOD and was non-stop all morning with quality olive, brown, blue and canary pacific snapper. Live bait. Weather was flat calm seas and sunny!

May 12 - Fished local potluck today and the bite was non-stop all morning with quality olive, brown, blue and red pacific snapper. Gotta love the live bait action. Weather was a bit uncomfortable with confused seas and cold. Tomorrow starts a new weather pattern and the forecast is GOOD!

May 9 - We were supposed to try for salmon today but since the salmon catching has been so dismall we decided to fish nearshore for rockcod and lingcod instead and we did good! Wind finally came up around noon.

May 6 - Jurassic Park wasn't an option today due to the forecasted winds so we fished out at Deep Reef, Davenport and our favorite inside spot for a great day of fishing. Brought home 81 quality copper, canary, blue, olive, brown, greenspot, starry, and red pacific snapper and lingcod. Ten year-old Gryphon won the $160 jackpot with his monster red.

May 5 - Live bait again and it makes a BIG difference. Local nearshore today. Started out with bUmPy water that settled down after an hour but we and the fish didn't mind at all. We were hauling in fish from the minute we dropped in and it never stopped. Even after throwing back dozens of smaller fish, we brought home over seven limits of BIG olive, brown, black and red pacific snapper. Fishing is red hot in Santa Cruz!

May 4 - Since the salmon have become so scarce we switched over to Deep Reef fishing then once the winds kicked up came in closer to finish up with copper, canary, olive, blue, black, brown and red pacific snapper. Live chovies were the ticket today. We should have live bait from now on through the season.

May 2 - Headed to the local rockcod grounds today and the fish were on fire! Using live bait, we had six limits by 9:30am with blue, olive and red pacific snapper to six pounds. Then since we had some time left we decided to troll for salmon. Weather and water were perfect.

April 29 - Deep Reef again and the fishing was as hot as yesterday until the wind came up. We nailed some big copper and reds then came closer to shore and finished up with limits of olive, canary, copper, black, brown and red pacific snapper and a couple lingcod.

April 28 - Fished Deep Reef today and it was RED HOT! Biggest canary, copper, brown, olive greenspot and red pacific snapper of the year and we also kept six lingcod. The $120 jackpot went to Kevin for his 18 pound lingcod.

April 27 - Headed out for salmon today. Unfortunately the salmon are still nowhere to be found. On the way back to the harbor we stopped off for some rockcod to bring home.

April 26 - The rock cod fishing wasn't red hot today, but we managed to catch half limits. Cold water and heavier winds later in the day kept us from going the distance. We were able to finish the day off with some quality blacks and browns making for a happy crew.

April 25 - Well, tried for salmon again and none of the boats caught fish. Great whale shows but zero salmon netted.

April 24 - Bamm! Netted some quality anchovies today and headed out to some of our favorite rockcod grounds for limits of quality olive, blue, brown and red pacific snapper. Like the reds, some of these olives were BIG! Trolled a bit for salmon afterwards but no takers. Headed down to Mulligan's for salmon again tomorrow. Still a sporadic bite down there so we're due for some good salmon action.

April 22 - Salmon again and the bite is still too sporadic. One day a boat will limit out and the next day just a fish or two. It may be a week or so before the fishing becomes more consistent.

April 21 Afternoon trip - Nearshore potluck for brown, black and red pacific snapper.

April 21 Morning trip - Went for nearshore potluck today and got into some really nice lingcod and big copper, canary, red pacific snapper.

April 20 - Salmon fishing was tough again. A lot of work for just a fish or two. Once the bait comes in closer to shore it should be game on!

April 15 - Rockcod and lingcod fishing today. Decided to try our luck up at Davenport for some big lings. Unfortunately the water temps dropped to 53 degrees from the past few windy days and the fish didn't want to bite.

April 14 - Headed off to the salmon grounds today in perfect weather. Lots of boats and fish are getting caught! We brought home four nice kings, lost a nice one and brought up a shorty.

April 13 - Fishing local potluck today. Weather started out cold but warmed up nice. Fish were not cooperating today but did bring home black, canary and blue pacific snapper.

April 11 - Still in the first week of the salmon opener. Fishing is still hit or miss. Of the 100+ boats out fishing today we only saw two nets and one of them was ours! Heard there is a very large krill population not too far away full of whales and birds and undoubtably salmon. The fish that everyone is focused on for the past five days are getting skittish with all the fishing pressure. May be time to move on.

April 10 - Day 4 of salmon season and the fish are styill not grouped up. You got to get lucky and run over the top of them. Five hookups today of which one was short, two no shows and two nice 15 pounders in the box.

April 9 - Day 3 of salmon season and boats, including us, are still having trouble nailing down the salmon. As soon as we dropped in we had a double and lost both then after a few hours hooked into a nice 16.5 pounder that made it in the boat. The water was much better today now that the storm has passed.

April 8 - 2nd day of the salmon opener and the weather was crummy. We would like to have headed south again but the weatherman called for small craft warnings and at 7:30am it was already looking ugly. We fished closer to Santa Cruz and didn't find any fish.

April 7 - Salmon season opens today and we're all heading out to the big unknown... where to begin fishing? We fished all over the bay and only got one stripped bait. We were about to head off even further south but the group had tickets fo the Shark's game tonight and thought they had enough fishing so we came back home.

April 5 Afternoon trip - Picked up where we left off this morning and the fish were biting even more aggresive than this morning. Took off the shrimp flies and ended up fly-lining anchovies for 50 BIG olive and black pacific snapper and ended the day with a beast 21.5 pound halibut! Water was perfect. Live anchovies was the ticket.

April 5 Morning trip - Flat calm water and another day of great catching! Limits of black, olive, canary and red pacific snapper and six lingcod that all went back to grow. Live anchovies was the ticket.

April 2 - WOW! Fished closer to Santa Cruz today and the weather was awesome. Fishing was red hot for the first few hours then once the wind came it slowed down a bit. Came home with 3/4 limits of nice blue, black, olive, brown, canary and BIG red (12 of them as a matter of fact) pacific snapper. 44 fish. Live anchovies was the ticket. Happy Easter everyone and welcome to the 2018 fishing season! Today was the opener for rockfish (rockcod/snapper) and lingcod and from the get go it was game on! Caught six limits of lingcod but let more than half go back to grow. Also caught limits of some really nice copper, canary, black, brown, blue, olive, and red pacific snapper. Great day! 64 fish.

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