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2018 Fishing Report

We report each and every fishing trip, not just the days when we get lucky.

December 30
Fishing was good today but we had to travel around to find takers. Nice blue, olive, brown, copper and red pacific snapper today and a couple nice lingcod. Waterís getting bigger with the approaching storm system.

December 29
Up to the island today and WOW! Fish coming over the rail non-stop. Came home with 80 blue, olive, brown, and red pacific snapper. Great day!

December 28
Much nicer water today so we able to get to the crab grounds. Nice crab and nice fishing today. Never went wide open but we came home with enough for the holiday dinners. Weather eventually got perfect!

December 27
Water was a little too much in the crab grounds so we stayed closer to shore and got into some good action with lingcod and rockcod.

December 24
The fishing improved a little today but was still a bit slow. We had a big swell to deal with all day and lots of rain, but we were able to make three limits of decent blues blacks and olives.

December 23
Weather was certainly nicer today and the fishing was spotty for the most part. Came home with lingcod, canary, brown, blue, olive and red pacific snapper.

December 22
Nice full moon this morning and crisp air and off to the fishing grounds we go! Water was a bit bUmPy today which made fishing a little more effort than usual but the crab, lingcod and pacific snapper! made up for it.

December 15
Another awesome day and our last lingcod tournament of the year. After running out to the crab grounds we headed up the coast for big game and it was GAME ON! We were steadily pulling up lingcod and had to toss some back to grow. Brought home 7 lings to ten pounds, canary, blue, brown, brown and red pacific snapper limits and limits of fat dungeness crabs. We have a new Ling KingÖ congrats to Travis for winning the lingcod tournament jackpot with his ten pound ling!

December 12
Ran out to check crab pots and move some around came back in with limits of dungeness crab. Yay! Big ones too.

December 9
Beautiful day to fish and crab with fairly quiet seas and sunny. Ran out to the crab grounds but somebody beat us to our pots again. Pirates! Still got some crab but could have used a lot more. Headed up to Davenport for some serious fishing and wham! Fish were biting like crazy. We caught well over 120 fish but just kept the biggest 75. Great day and lots of fun.

December 8
Awesome weather and awesome fishing today with Papa Bill, Pops Greg, and four adult siblings. They reeled in a ton of fish but we only kept 73 mostly blues. Itís gonna be a ceviche and fish taco night! Still have a wee bit of a mixed swell leftover from the storm last week but very productive fishing.

December 6
Now that the storms have passed we are anxious to get out and unload the crab pots! I expect to see very good crab counts. The fishing was great before the storms and should remain that way through the end of the season. Weather forecast looks good at least a week! Letís go fishing!

November 25
Very nice day for fishing with no wind and flat seas! Headed out to our local fishing holes and fished the blue bite like we had yesterday. Fish were a little shy and a little smaller today so it took a little longer to get our six limits of blue, olive, canary and red pacific snapper.

November 24
Nice to be back on the water again after a few days off for Thanksgiving. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving too. Ran out to the crab grounds and it was a bit of an effort getting through the bigger than usual water but we made it with flying colors. Nice dungeness and rock crab in the traps. Then headed to South Rock and the fish were on fire! We nailed BIG blues and olives and after an hour of non-stop action we had our limits. Great day.

November 20
The crab pirates got into our crab gear again and didnít leave us many crab but enough to go around a couple times. Ran up to Davenport where weíve been getting in some good fishing action and the fish were waiting for us! We went to town pulling in fish non-stop. Came home with limits of blue, olive, canary, brown and red pacific snapper. Storm coming in tonight so taking a few days off the water. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

November 19
Started out with the crab run and even though someone poached our crabs our folks went home with four limits of nice crab. Afterwards we headed up the coast for snapper fishing. It got busy, it got really busy with fish coming over the rail non-stop. Came home with limits plus crew limits of quality blue, olive, brown and red pacific snapper.

November 12
Again a little bump running out to the crab grounds and sadly our gear was tampered with again. We managed to get enough crabs for everyone for a couple dinners anyway then headed in for the rock fishing. Pretty slow bit today and ended up with almost half limits of blue, olive and red pacific snapper.

November 11
Headed out to the crab grounds and unfortunately someone has already taken our crab and a couple of our traps. Pretty sad but it is what it is. Ironic it happened on Veteranís Day. We did get some crabs but not limits this time. Then we headed up to the island and WOW! The lingcod were biting as soon as we dropped in. Had about 15 lingcod hookups but only managed to bring in six. Also came home with limits plus crew limits of blue, canary, brown and red pacific snapper. Great day!

November 10
Flat calm water today made crabbing and fishing a breeze. Headed out to the crab gear for six limits of dungeness crab then off to the fishing grounds for half limits of blues, canary, brown and red pacific snapper.

November 9
What a great day on the water today with our annual JRís San Jose group with special guest Mr. Vu. Mr Vu is best known for his heroism during the Vietnam War. He was personally responsible for protecting and transporting over 300 women, children and elders to safety. He is always a pleasure to have on board and we usually get real lucky when heís fishing. Todayís fishing was pretty good and the crabbing was real good too. Lotís of fish and crab with some crabs going over two pounds. Some reds were also pushing four pounds.

November 5
What a great day on the water again! Southerly swell is definitely subsiding and the fish are being more active. Dropped more crab pots out in the grounds today and hoping the crab show up in good numbers and quality. Finished the day with some crab, and four limits of big olive and blue pacific snapper and a couple lingcod. Way to go Jenny! First time on the ocean and you nailed it!

November 4
What a great day on the water. Pretty much flat with an occasional lump. Even though the south ground swell is still lingering we were able to get into some pretty good action. Came home with four limits of quality blue and red pacific snapper.

November 3
Set out the first string of crab and shrimp pots today and will test on Monday. Fishing was a little tough today with the southerly swell but our crew stuck to it and hammered out five limits of blues.

November 2
Still have a south swell making the fishing a little difficult so we did a lot of moving around today. Fortunately we were able to load the box with limits of snapper with two big reds in the mix.

October 29
Well, wish I had something good to report but the fishing was not our usual type of day. We still have a pretty big southerly ground swell and a little more wind than weíre accustomed to. We fished up the coast as far as we could then started working our way back toward Santa Cruz. We managed to bring home half limits of blues. What a great whale show again today. Everywhere you look the whales are feeding.

October 28
What a fun and energetic group of 10-13 year oldís today with their two dads. Lots of fun and a lot of whale action while were fishing too. We even had a whale come within 100 feet of the boat! The fish bite was slower than usual from the southerly ground swell but the kids did manage to bring home almost three limits of blues. Couple more days and the ground swell should be gone.

October 27
Another run up to the island but this time the wind was already bumping us around. Fished for a couple hours then decided to move closer to home. Stopped off in Davenport and finished up with eight limits of blues.

October 25
Very nice water today with just a little groundswell. We found the fish big time and it was busy busy for several hours. Brought home 8 limits of quality brown, yellowtail and blue pacific snapper.

October 24
Back up to the island today for some more non-stop lingcod action. Problem was the lingcod werenít biting today. We have a southerly swell in town which seems to be stirring up the bottom and lings and other ground fish canít see our bait. We did however get six limits of nice blue, copper and olive pacific snapper.

October 23
The sun didnít wanna come out today but the fish sure did! Easy limits of quality local rock fish for todayís group.

October 21
Pretty nice day with a little bit of wind as we headed up to the island. Once we got there the wind was up but fishable. As soon as we dropped in it was a lingcod bite frenzy. Came home with seven keeper lings to 11 pounds and a lot of red, canary, blue, olive and copper pacific snapper.

October 20
Nice day on the water so we decided to run up the coast a little farther than usual. Fish were waiting for us too. It was game on as soon as we dropped in our lines. Caught well over 100 fish but only kept the best 81 to bring home. Some of the reds were pushing five pounds!

October 19
Great weather and great fishing today. Quick limits of big blues and olives with a nice 10 lb lingcod on the side. Just finished the day with a halibut troll.

October 15
Great weather today, and a great group. Only three people on the boat today. Dillon landed a nice 15 lb lingcod for his grandma, to go with their two limits of nice rockfish.

October 14
Flat calm day so the ride to Ano Nuevo was a breeze! Stopped off to catch our sand dab live bait then got up to the island and right away the fish were biting. A south swell came in last night and messed up the ground fishing but the schoolies (blues, blacks, olives) were on fire and some were real big! Also lost a few lingcod but managed to bring home four lingcod to 13 pounds and seven limits of pacific snapper. 82 fish.

October 13
What a great day of fishing. Ran up to the island and immediately started hauling in lingcod, rockcod and halibut. Came home with limits of nice rockfish and 11 lingcod to 17 pounds and a fat 31 pound halibut! Got a whale drive-by and also brought up half a lingcod that a shark sawed in half.

October 11
We had a short window to fish today leaving late and coming in early, but we made good use of our time. Limits of big blues with some nice olives and reds mixed in.

October 7
Stormís still here and what a wild ride. Ran up the coast to some of our big fish honey holes and found some honey! Wind kept pushing us back toward Santa Cruz and we picked up a fish here and a fish there. Finished up the day with limits plus crew limits of nice blue, olive, copper and red pacific snapper.

October 6
Well, the stormís here and sure made for an interesting ride up the coast. Got as far as Davenport and as son as we dropped in it was game on! Fish were coming over the rail like crazy. After about an hour the weather deteriorated even more so we started working our way back to Santa Cruz and stopped along the way to try other good fishing spots. Our happy campers came home with six limits of quality snapper and a good fishing story.

October 5
Storms approaching and seems like the fish know it. We fished pretty hard all day and moved around a lot. Pretty slow fishing today and nothing really big showed up. Storm should be done in a day or two.

October 4
Was almost surreal with the grease calm seas today and whales all around. Ran up to the island for some big fish action and action we got right away. Only the fish were a little on the smaller size than we expected. Lingcod were biting pretty good too. Then, like a light switch, the bite turned off. Came home with seven plus limits of rockcod and six lingcod and six happy people.

October 3
There was a bit of a south swell today, so the fish were a little slow on the bite, but we still made it to limits before the end of the trip. We even got a nice little whale show on our way in.

September 30
Flattest water yet this year. The stormís coming in and the low pressure sure did knock down the great bite weíve been having. Six limits of blue, olive, brown, canary and red rockfish today but a little on the smallish size today.

September 29
Wow! Another gorgeous day on the water and a very comfortable ride to the island. Stopped and made bait (live sand dabs) on the way up. Once we got to the island and we dropped in our lines it was game on! Today was our 21st private Ling King lingcod tournament and our contenders did not disappoint. Well, maybe one sand bagged a little. No big lings today so even though we hooked well over 22 we only kept ten of the biggest. Rob landed four lings and lost more than that but still took 1st place with the Ling King trophy and $200! Way to go King Rob!

September 28
Really nice water today and air temps around 70. Whales, dolphins and lots of fish! Ran up the coast and found a good pile of willing fish. Brought home limits plus of nice canary, blue, olive and red pacific snapper and over half limits of lingcod. Great day.

September 24
The water was a little uncomfortable today and the fog was thick all morning. Short load today and we had a sick crew member so we came in a little early. But we at least got enough fish for dinner.

September 23
Came out for an afternoon trip and it was windy! Fish didnít seem to mind and we landed limits of blues and blacks and tossed back a couple dozen to grow.

September 22
Water was flat as a pancake today and the ocean was full of life with dolphins, whales, otters, sea lions, and great white sharks! Took a ride up the coast to one of our BIG fish honey holes and as soon as we dropped in it was game on. We slammed BIG blues for a couple hours then focused on lingcod with our live sand dab bait. It was truly a MEGA-BITE! Came home with over a 100 pounds of blue rockfish to three pounds and lingcod.

September 18
Great day to be on the water! Our folks from Montana and Pennsylvania had a blast nailing their limits plus crew limits of blue, black, olive, brown, canary and red pacific snapper and also brought home four lingcod. Great time!

September 16
Very nice weather with flat seas and a sunny 70 degrees out. Caught some live sand dabs for bait then headed up to Jurassic Park for some big fish. Fish were biting great but the lingcod werenít anywhere to be found. Tried fishing several spots toward Santa Cruz and still no lingcod nor halibut. Came home with limits of some big blues, blacks, olives, canary, brown and red pacific snapper.

September 15 Afternoon
Well, the wind finally arrived and it made it a bit more difficult to find fish to bite. We had to move around a lot but we did bring home seven full limits of rockcod. Must have thrown back around 50 to grow and even had to keep some small ones.

September 15 Morning
Nice flat calm water today with a bit of a southerly swell. Fish were being difficult today but we did manage 3/4 limits plus three lingcod to bring home.

September 9
Started out real foggy then cleared in an hour to a beautiful sunny day with little wind. After stopping off for a sand dab bait stop headed up the coast to one of our favorite big fish holes. As soon as we dropped in it was game on! Fished hard for the next several hours until the wind came up. Came home with six nice lingcod and limits of copper, blue, olive, black, and red pacific snapper. Around noon the wind did pick up as we headed home.

September 8
Started out foggy and a little chilly as we headed up the coast for the big fish. Stopped off at a sand dab honey hole for lingcod bait then moved on up to our first lingcod spot. Picked up several lingcod and rockfish then started poking around a little more up the coast. Wind picked up so we started heading back and occasionally stopping on the way picking up a ling here and some rockcod there. Around 1pm the bite went cold. Came home with 3/4 limits of snapper and four lings.

September 7
A bit foggy start for our local potluck today but seas were flat and calm. Fish were a little finicky and not real big today. Came home with over four limits of rockfish and a couple lingcod. Became sunny and 70 degrees.

September 5
Another great day for a Jurassic Park run. Water was flat and wind was calm. This time we ran up to the island and as soon as we dropped in it was game on with lingcod. Once the wind picked up we came in closer to shore and continued hauling in fish. Came home with limits and happy Customers.

September 4
What a fantastic day for our Jurassic Park run. Water was flat calm and the wildlife was pretty spectacular. We caught lingcod, rockcod and were treated with one of the best whale shows Iíve ever seen that went on for hours! These things were getting airborne! Great day!

September 3
Flat seas today with 65 degree air temp made for some very comfortable fishing weather. And the fish were HOT! We nailed limits of blue, olive, canary, brown and red pacific snapper for our group of six plus kept a few fish for the crew too.

September 2 Afternoon
The fishing was slow for the first three hours but right at the end they went on the bite. We made our limits of nice size rockfish in about thirty minutes. Happy people.

September 2 Morning
We had a lot of swell this morning, making it a little uncomfortable but we still managed to catch our limits of rockfish as well as a nice lingcod.

September 1
Great fishing today for 7 limits of olives, blues and copper pacific snapper.

August 31
Great weather and great fishing today and the fish got real lucky. Our party decided that today was a catch and release day so back went all the rockcod and lingcod. Happy birthday Tim!

August 30
The rockfish were on fire at the island today. All a big grade. Limits for the boat with a nice lingcod on the pile.

August 26
Very flat seas today and a perfect 70 degrees pretty much all day. Ran up the coast a ways and started bagging fish right away. Only boated a couple lings along with 8 limits of nice brown, copper, canary, olive, blue, black and red pacific snapper. 80 fish day.

August 25
Great weather today and great fishing up at Ano Nuevo. Our six of anglers went to work as soon as we dropped in and it was game on. Came home with six limits of lingcod and rockfish and six real happy Customers. Happy Birthday Rob!

August 23
Our last deep reef trip for the season and it couldnít have been on a better day. Perfect weather and limits of rockfish lingcod and a sole to throw on top. Even had a nice whale and dolphin show to add to the experience.

August 22
Beautiful weather today. Flat water, no wind and limits of rockfish!

August 21
Jurassic Park Deep Reef today and what a day! Flat as a pancake water and the fish were biting like crazy! Caught some sand dabs for lingcod bait then ran over to the lingcod hot spot. BAMM! Limits of lingcod then headed to the rockfish honey hole and WHAM! Limits of olive, canary, brown, and red pacific snapper to seven pounds! Came home with over 150 pounds of fish. Great day.

August 19
Jurassic Park trip and wow. Lingcod were on fire! Came home with more than 125 pounds of lingcod for our six anglers. One of them was over 21 pounds! We have perfect weather for the remainder of the week so come on down to the boat and letís load Ďer up! Call toll free 1-888-662-9800

August 18 Afternoon
Bachelor Party time and all six from Sacramento have never fished on the ocean before. What a great experience for them all with flat seas and just a little wind to cool things off. Got back to where we left off this morning and immediately we got into a steady bite of quality blue and olives for limits plus.

August 18 Morning
Water was flat calm and the group was eager to get out there and whoop it up! Slow start but Wham! the bite went wide open and we came home with limits for seven of mixed sized canary, brown, china, blue and olive rockfish. One happy group!

August 16
Probably the calmest water weíve seen this year. Perfect conditions for a great time of catching more than sixty fish but only bring home forty. Good whale show too.

August 15
Had a little difficulty finding live anchovies this morning so after several attempts we decided to run out to Jurassic Park with squid. Fish didnít seem to mind toooooo much but it definitely made a difference in the volume of fish. We got into the lingcod and snapper pretty good today and brought home 75 pounds of fine meat.

August 13
Really nice weather today and flat seas with no fog! Headed to our local fishing holes and immediately started loading up with limits of mixed sized blue, olive, black, brown, canary and red pacific snapper! Also brought home a nice lingcod.

August 12
Nice change of pace today. Instead of fishing we worked with The *National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and *Jet Propulsion Laboratory of The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on a very interesting offshore project that I canít talk about. Lotís of fun and tomorrow weíre back to fishing!

August 11
Jurassic Park Ė Deep Reef today and it was non-stop action all day for limits of BIG red, canary, brown, greenspot, yellowtail pacific snapper, petrale sole and four lings to 16 pounds. Came home with 150 pounds of fish! Live anchovies did the trick.

August 10
Absolutely awesome day on our Meat Run. Came home with 225+ pounds (limits plus for six people) of lingcod, snapper and some petrale sole all while playing around with six salmon. Happy Birthday Jennie!

August 9 Afternoon
Windy! Took a while but we got the fish to bite for limits of snapper and a BIG lingcod.

August 9 Morning
Perfect 65 degree weather for our family from Davis where the temps are 100+. The fish were biting like crazy and two at a time was common. Even grandma got into the action and was pulling in fish. Limits for all plus lingcod.

August 8
Flat calm seas and perfect weather with no wind. Got out to the Jurassic Park reef and it was pretty much non-stop action for our six anglers. BIG fish too. Brought home 150 pounds of pacific snapper including a seven pound red and lings to 15 pounds. Live anchovies was the ticket!

August 7
Jurassic Park today and WOW! Weather wasnít perfect but the fishing was better than ever. We hauled in yellowtail, canary, brown, green spot, and reds to eight pounds, petrale sole and lingcod to 16 pounds. Came home with 125 pounds of fish!

August 6 Afternoon
Limits of rockfish this afternoon for a couple celebrating their anniversary. They went home with a mixed Bach of olives, black and yellows, browns, some of the largest blacks weíve seen all season, and were even lucky enough to score a cabezon.

August 6 Morning
Another run out to the bait grounds for live anchovies then back to our hot spot for rockfish and lingcod. Wham! As soon as we dropped in we scored doubles and more doubles of BIG blues, olive and red pacific snapper. Early limits with 77 keepers and tossed back 20+ to grow. Since we finished rockfish early we came into the halibut grounds and again, Wham! Halibut in the boat but had to go back to grow.

August 5 Afternoon
The fishing slowed down this afternoon. At least in the beginning. We ended up drifting right into a nice pile of blues and yellowtail, picked up five big reds, and a few nice coppers. We ended the day with limits for everyone.

August 5 Morning
What a difference a day makes. Again we were able to get some live bait and once again the bite went wide open! We slammed the snapper today with 80 big red, canary, brown, yellowtail and blues and lingcod! Had a nice fat 17 foot great white shark show itself next to the boat. Great day.

August 4
Ran out to the Deep Reef for big game but the winds only allowed us to fish for about an hour. Came in closer and the fish were not biting. Took us all day for 3/4 limits of blue, black, yellowtail, brown and red rockfish, one keeper ling and a salmon that we had to release (out of season).

August 3 Afternoon
It was windy this afternoon, but luckily our passengers handled it just fine. We made limits of good quality yellowtail with a few blues and browns mixed in as well.

August 3 Morning
Great water today with flat calm seas and just a little lump in the water. Had to hunt around a while but finally got a good load of live anchovies for bait. Dropped in our honey hole and it was non-stop pulling in fish. Limited out early with 80 keepers and tossed back more than 20 to grow. Had some extra time so we did four halibut drifts for one halibut that had to go back to grow.

August 1
Very nice day today with calm seas and air temp around 70. Got lucky again and after about 30 minutes of hunting around for live anchovies for bait we hit the jackpot. Then ran out to our honey hole and went to work hauling in the the snapper. Caught over 100 fish but let the littleís go and only kept the biggest 75. Fun fun fun!

July 31
Wow! Great water and fishing today and the fish were all big! We were able to net some anchovies this morning and the bigger anchovies sure made a difference. Limits plus of BIG blue, olive, canary, brown and red snapper and three lings to 17 pounds!

July 30
Weather was a little bit bumpy with a lot of fog today so we decided to head further out to see if we could escape the fog. Found a clearing and dropped in the lines and it was fish on throughout the morning. Nothing really big biting but it was non-stop action. Came home with limits of blue, yellowtail, canary, brown and red pacific snapper and a lingcod.

July 29
Great water and weather today and the fishing was red hot with limits plus crew limits of blue, olive, canary and big red pacific snapper.

July 28 Afternoon
The fishing was difficult this afternoon. The weather kept us from making it out to more productive spots , but we still managed to make most of our limits of rockfish, and even had a big thresher shark jump right next to the boat.

July 28 Morning
Not the prettiest of conditions this morning with a mixed up sea with a good amount of fog. Fortunately we fished hard and fast and came in early with some nice blue and yellowtail snapper.

July 27 Afternoon
Well the wind found us this afternoon and made fishing a little more interesting but well worth it. Tried a couple of our nearshore honey holes and taking long drifts for blues, olives and some big blacks. The gals out-fished the guys 2 to 1! Fun time!

July 27 Morning
Nice flat calm water and about 65 degree air temp today made for some very comfortable fishing. Fishing was a steady pick throughout the day and came in with limits of blue, black, copper, canary, yellowtail and red snapper and a lingcod. Hooked some nice salmon that had to released. Watched a great white shark buzz the boat, about a 300 pound sunfish, and some dolphins too. Quite the show this morning.

July 25
Wind kept us closer to shore and the swell didnít help much either but we fished hard and steady and brought home limits of yellowtail, blue, black and red pacific snapper.

July 24
Great weather today and pretty non-stop fishing too! We had early limits of mixed sized blues and yellowtail. No lingcod nor halibut action today probably due to the enormous swell weíre experiencing.

July 23
Absolutely gorgeous weather today with sunny skies and t-shirt weather. Fish were biting like crazy. Brought home about 70 blue, brown and black pacific snapper and had to let another 30 or so go to grow. Mixed sizes today probably from the incoming big swell on Wednesday.

July 22 Morning
Great weather with flat calm seas and the fish were biting good. We decided to go offshore to our Jurassic Park spot and see if we could get some bigger fish and bigger fish were there waiting for us! A lot of underwater current so fishing was difficult but the rewards were awesome with big canary, brown, yellowtail and red snapper and lingcod.

July 22 Afternoon
Wind came up pretty good so we stayed close to shore this time and wow. One drift and within a couple hours we had eight limits of blue, yellowtail and black snapper and that was tossing back the tinies too. Since we limited out on rockfish early we moved even closer to fish halibut but none were willing to bite.

July 21
Cruised out on flat seas to our big fish spot and we found the fish big time! Steady pick throughout the day of big canary, copper, yellowtail, brown snapper, eight petrale sole and some very nice lingcod. We also got a real good whale show all around the boat for a couple hours and some jumping clear out of the water doing barrel rolls. We of course kept our distance while we took pictures and videos. A real treat.

July 20
What a great day on the water with 70 degree air temps and flat calm seas. In addition to five wonderful fishing folks from Houston and North Bay, we had our hero Mr Vu, a decorated war hero in Vietnam responsible for saving over 300 women and childrenís lives during the Vietnam War. Ran out to the deep water and it was a real treat BIG lingcod to 17 pounds and reds to eight pounds.

July 19
Fishing was great today. We headed out deep and wound up catching limits of lingcod. The water was flat calm all morning.

July 18 Afternoon
This afternoon the fishing slowed down even more. We did a lot of driving around and searching. A lot of small fish and a handful of keepers.

July 18 Morning
Fishing was a little slow this morning so we did a little driving around till we found a nicer grade of fish. We finally found a nice school of fish that wanted to bite but we were running out of time. We finished up with 5 limits for 6 happy customers.

July 17
Went out deep today and the big ones were biting. We had five big lingcod and a lot of huge yellow tails. Frank nailed the giant vermillions, and we had a nice variety of other species to fill in the rest of the box. It was a great day.

July 16
Had good weather today. The first few spots we fished were a little slow paced, but we picked up and headed to another reef and made limits in about 45 minutes. Lots of reds mixed in with the nice grade of olives and blues.

July 15
What a gorgeous day fishing the Deep Reef in Paradise. It was pretty much a steady pick of nice yellow tail, canary, bocaccio, brown pacific snapper and a couple fat petrale sole and full limits of lingcod! Fantastic fishing and a fantastic day!

July 14
Deep Reef today for big bad fish. Weather wasnít ideal because of the wind but we did bring home big olive, boccaccio, canary, and red pacific snapper and eight quality lingcod to ten plus pounds.

July 13
We had beautiful weather today and the fish wouldnít stop biting. Once we had enough rockfish for ceviche tonight we made a run up the hill a little way to add a nice halibut to the box. Another good day of fishing

July 12
Good weather this morning along with good fishing. We didnít have to travel far to find limits of big olives, blues and blacks. The fish were following our baits right up to the surface and we were able to see them biting the hook only a few feet down. We were also able to throw a nice ling on the pile.

July 11
What a great day on our Jurassic Park trip. Water was flat calm and the air temp around 70. Started out with a bang with BIG Petrale Sole, Boccaccio, Canary, Brown, Copper, Square Spot and Yellow Tail pacific snapper. Afterwards we jigged up some sand dabs and went to work looking lingcod. We found em. Put nine nice lingcod in the box. Awesome day.

July 10
The weather has really been nice for the past couple days so we can move a little further up the coast to fish. Got into some nice fish for limits of pacific snapper (rockfish) and three keeper lingcod then came closer to home for the halibut drift. Found one short halibut.

July 9 Afternoon
We had a nice variety in the box for the afternoon trip today. Our first fish in the box was a decent sized halibut followed by a nice lingcod, and finished the day with an excellent grade of black, blue, olive, and gopher rockfish.

July 9 Morning
More great weather with air temp around 70. We fished a couple local spots and got a couple lingcod and limits of rockfish then we cam closer to home and tried for halibut and got a short one.

July 8 Afternoon
Wind came up as expected and we fished a little closer to shore. Great bite going with nice size olive, blue and red pacific snapper and one monster lingcod.

July 8 Morning
Great weather again. We fished for early limits of pacific snapper then came in for our halibut drift. After a couple drifts we put one in the box.

July 7 Afternoon
After bagging rockfish we spent the remaining time fishing halibut and finished up with two decent flatties and releasing one short.
July 7 Morning
It was another fun day on the MEGABITE. We headed up the coast a little ways and found a nice pile of blue pacific snapper with large blacks mixed in with them. We were able to make limits after a few hours, and then came back down the hill into the halibut grounds to try our luck at some flatties with no success.

July 6 Afternoon
Wind showed up as expected and the fishing was a little more difficult but fish we did and catch we did too! Quality black, olive, blue and red pacific snapper.

July 6 Morning
Beautiful morning on the water with air temp around 70! Fishing was crazy today with early limits for all plus crew. Had some extra time so we drifted for halibut and got two nice keepers in the box. 78 fish.

July 5
Pretty flat water today and little to no wind made for a very smooth day of fishing for our family of six. We got into some really good bites and came home with limits plus crew limits of olive, blue, brown, canary, black and red pacific snapper. Had to let one short halibut back to grow. 70 degrees, sunny and 77 fish came home.

July 4
Jurrasic Park again. The water today was a bit goofy in the morning but it settled down after a couple hours. The fish didnít seem to mind one bit. We nailed the lingcod for limits for all plus some. These lings are big! Biggest today was 18+ pounds. Got some really big boccacio, brown, canary, green spot and red pacific snapper too!

July 3
Great weather today and great fishing in local waters. Headed right to our favorite afternoon spot and as soon as we dropped in it was game on. Fish after fish came over the rail for a couple hours for limits of brown, canary, olive, blue and red pacific snapper. Since we had extra time we came in to the halibut grounds and drifted for some flatties.

July 2
Like a lake today and the fish were waiting for us. We nailed the lingcod and rockcod with live sand dabs and big live anchovies for bait. Three of our biggest lingcod of the year were caught today. Tried for halibut but nothing showed up and we wisely decided against spending time trying for salmon. The salmon have left the area. Today was the last day of salmon season and will re-open next April.

July 1 Afternoon
Scheduled salmon but with the low salmon counts we once again switched over to Jurassic Park and boy were we happy! Seas were still flat and the fish were still biting from this morning. 60 pounds of big olive, copper, brown, canary and red pacific snapper. Fun fun fun fishing.

July 1 Morning
Jurassic Park fishing again. Salmon has been real slow around Sanata Cruz so the group elected to go for the big snapper and lingcod. We had an incredible day on the Bay. Flat seas, mild temps and fish galore! We had a lot of fun hauling in over 100 pounds of pacific snapper including reds to seven pounds and eight nice lingcod. Even let a few lingcod go to grow.

June 30
Jurassic Park again. Okay, I was wrong. It gets even better than yesterday! Crushed the lingcod and rockfish today with limits for six with two BIG coolers plugged for over 150 pounds of fish! Live bait is the ticket. For the past couple weeks Captain Greg has been getting live bait daily before our trips and it sure does pay off.

June 29
Jurassic Park trip today and itís as good as it gets today with flat seas and 120+ pounds of BIG Pacific snapper and a 22 pound lingcod! Live bait.

June 28
It was a little windy this afternoon so we stayed in quieter waters for the sake of comfort. Everyone had a great time and went home with half limits of pacific snapper.

June 27 Afternoon
We had a nice relaxing afternoon trip with a great crew. There was a little wind, but relatively small swells. The bite was consistent through the whole trip, and we finished up with limits of an excellent grade of blacks, blues, olives, and a nice big red, and three happy fishermen.

June 27 Morning
Very nice day on the water with full sun and flat seas. Had a steady pic of olive and blues today for limits of rockfish for all.

June 25
JURASSIC PARK trip today and it was way over the top. Limits of the biggest salmon grouper, olives and red pacific snapper weíve seen in a long time and limits of lingcod too!

June 24
Stayed close to Santa Cruz today for potluck and the fishing was red hot with limits of olive, blue, black, brown and red pacific snapper. Team-A (three eleven year-olds) and Team-B (the dads) had early limits so we decided to try for salmon or halibut. An 18 pound salmon made up our minds for us. Continued to mooch for salmon for an hour then came back in around noon. Rockcod tacos and salmon on the menu tonight! Team-A were the highliners today. Eleven year-old Vendant from Saratoga was our lucky highliner with the salmon.

June 23
Our first MEAT RUN trip of the year and it was pretty wild. We ran up the coast as far as we could and limited out (seven limits) on pacific snapper to seven pounds and half limits of lings to eleven pounds. We then switched over to salmon trolling. Trolled for a spell out in the deeper water but the wind made the water a wee bit uncomfortable for our group so we decided to come in closer for halibut. Good move too, we hooked and landed seven halibut and kept two. The halibut are in town! Came home with well over 140 pounds of fish before they got filleted.

June 22
Some really good weather today and really good fishing for blues, olives and red pacific snapper topped off with a dolphin show.

June 21
Great fishing today with some seriously big black and red pacific snapper and lingcod. Great fun with our folks from Hong Kong and Scotts Valley.

June 20
Great weather day on the Bay today and great fishing too. Ten year-old Jake and 13 year-old Matt got busy and brought in the lions share and limits of BIG blue, black, olive and red pacific snapper. Mom, Papa and E.T. (Grandma) contributed their fair share to the catch. Finished the trip off with a nice dolphin show.

June 19 Afternoon
As expected the winds came up so we fished a little closer to shore. After an hour or so we found some fish that wanted to play and it was game on! Olive, blue and 17 BIG black pacific snapper in the box!

June 19 Morning
Perfectly flat calm water. Just like a lake! Fish were biting all day long. Finished up with 78 snapper and had a little extra time so we spent an hour trolling for salmon.

June 18 - Beautiful day today with calm seas and no wind. Fishing was great with limits of pacific snapper.

June 17 - Pacific snapper fishing today and the fish were a little bit finicky. Took a while but we finally managed limits. Water was perfect!

June 16 - Fished local today for snapper and the fish were very accomodating. We got limits for six plus crew. Since we limited out eary, we decided to troll for salmon for a spell. Great day but a little bit of a bump on the water.

June 15 - Ran down to Moss Landing for a shot at salmon. Six hookups but lost all but two and one of those was too short to keep. Big Whale show today and lots of boat traffic. Seems the average is still 0-1 fish per boat.

June 14 - Pretty nice weather today and the fish were waiting for us. Steady pick throughout the day of olive, black, blue and red pacific snapper.

June 12 Afternoon - Got pretty windy so we fished closer to shore. Fishing was great and after a couple hours the wind laid down. Half limits of brown, blue, olive and nice black pacific snapper and a blue lingcod.

June 12 Morning - Water still a bit goofy from all the recent winds and the fish are biting!

June 11 - Day started out nice but the water was murky from yesterday so we tried going offsore to find cleaner water. We got to fish for about an hour before the winds kicked up again so we headed back in closer to shore. Fortunately we got some fish to bite and everyone went home with nice fish for dinner. Except for Amanda... she went home with two lingcod to 15 pounds.

June 10 Afternoon - Wind came in and made for some challenging fishing. We had a lot of fun but didn't land any fish. Very sunny and very windy.

June 10 Morning - Very nice water today and sunny! Fish were bigger today with the bigger anchovies we were able to round up. Olive, blue, black, brown and canary rockfish.

June 9 Afternoon - Our second trip today was a little more challenging than the morning trip. The wind picked up and started pushing us pretty fast. But we still made half limits for two very happy newlyweds.

June 9 Morning - Gorgeous fishing day with a great white shark appearance! We fishing local and brought home limits of olive, blue, black and brown snapper.

June 8 - The fishing today never went wide open, but it was a steady pick nonetheless. By noon we were home with limits of rockfish.

June 7 - Lots of variety today with the rockfish. Lots of decent canaries, browns, blues and olives. It was a good day of fishing and we made it home with limits.

June 6 - Off the hook fishing today! Big reds and lots of 'em. Perfect weather all day and a pretty solid bite for six plus limits of olive, blue, brown, canary and red pacific snapper.

June 5 - Perfect weather and great fishing today for limits of a mixed grade of olive, blue, brown and red pacific snapper and short lingcod and halibut we let back to grow.

June 3 - Nice weather and no wind today. Great fishing with big boccacio (salmon grouper), canary, brown, green spot, and red pacific snapper and four BIG lings.

June 2 Afternoon - The wind came in and the fish didn't seem to care for it much. Fished our regular nearshore spots but the bite just wouldn't turn on. Came in closer to our Bolina Arena and finally we started to catch. Came home with a couple dozen black, blue, olive, brown and red pacific snapper.

June 2 Morning - Great fishing crew today and with lots of patience. We worked pretty hard and fished several locations and had a steady pick throughout the day. 3/4 limits of olive, blue, black, copper, brown and red pacific snapper and one lingcod.

May 30 - The wind got us good today. We fished hard and stayed dry but it wasn't the most comfortable conditions. We managed to bring home 3/4 limits of blue, olive, brown and black pacific snapper and released back one short halibut.

May 27 Afternoon - Wind came back in and made for a bit of a bumpy ride. Our crew worked hard for nice red, brown, olive, blue and black rockfish.

May 27 Morning - Two dads and four youngsters under 12 had the best fishing trips of their lives today. A lot of catching today for our youngsters and wildlife show too. We had otters, sealions, pelicans, dolphins, sea weasles and more. Great day and limits for all plus crew.

May 26 Afternoon - Even more wind to deal with for the afetrnoon trip and the fish didn't seem to care. Fish were biting good! Quality black, olive, blue and red pacific snapper, lingcod and a nice halibut. Wind is supposed to start calming down tomorrow.

May 26 Morning - Had some wind to work in which may have helped the bite go so wide open. We crushed the olive, brown, canary, and red pacific snapper and brought home a couple lingcod too!

May 25 - "Tom, what an epic day! Thanks again, the crew and I had lot of fun. See you soon! Nancy, Johnny, Sione, Mo And Paola."
- Don't mess with Islanders! These folks brought home 150 pounds of canary, red, boccacio, brown, olive pacific snapper and six lingcod to 15 pounds.

May 22 - Another banner day of great fishing for big fish. Filled the fish box with 8 lingcod to 18.5 pounds! Mix in another 100 pounds of canary, olive, brown, copper, greenspot and red pacific snapper to 8 pounds and you got yourself one heck of a haul!

May 21 - Talk about gettin 'er done... We slammed the blues and olives for early limits for all and crew then we came in closer for some lingcod action. Brought home 70 rockcod and three lingcod. Let the small ones go to grow and even a lingcod or two that we're too big (they got away)! Live bait was king today.

May 20 - Another great day of fishing and high winds too! We ran out to the Deep Reef for some BIG lingcod, canary, copper, green spot, and red pacific snapper then came closer to shore to top off the tanks with quality blue, olive, and black pacific snapper.

May 19 - Wow, what a fun fishing day today. Had some wind to reckon with but our group fished through it and got rewarded with lingcod and brown, olive, copper, canary, blue, black and red pacific snapper to five pounds.

May 18 - Great fishing today and some really big fish! Non-stop action for six lingcod, canary, boccacio, olive, brown, and red pacific snapper to over seven pounds. Lots of whales around today too.

May 14 - It was a slow and steady pick for the first few hours this morning, but around 10:00 the fish lit up, and had limits of nice olives and blues, as well as a mix of bottom fish including a nice lingcod. We've been getting lucky with the availability of live bait lately and hope it stays available to us.

May 13 - Fished local potluck again and the bite continued GOOD and was non-stop all morning with quality olive, brown, blue and canary pacific snapper. Live bait. Weather was flat calm seas and sunny!

May 12 - Fished local potluck today and the bite was non-stop all morning with quality olive, brown, blue and red pacific snapper. Gotta love the live bait action. Weather was a bit uncomfortable with confused seas and cold. Tomorrow starts a new weather pattern and the forecast is GOOD!

May 9 - We were supposed to try for salmon today but since the salmon catching has been so dismall we decided to fish nearshore for rockcod and lingcod instead and we did good! Wind finally came up around noon.

May 6 - Jurassic Park wasn't an option today due to the forecasted winds so we fished out at Deep Reef, Davenport and our favorite inside spot for a great day of fishing. Brought home 81 quality copper, canary, blue, olive, brown, greenspot, starry, and red pacific snapper and lingcod. Ten year-old Gryphon won the $160 jackpot with his monster red.

May 5 - Live bait again and it makes a BIG difference. Local nearshore today. Started out with bUmPy water that settled down after an hour but we and the fish didn't mind at all. We were hauling in fish from the minute we dropped in and it never stopped. Even after throwing back dozens of smaller fish, we brought home over seven limits of BIG olive, brown, black and red pacific snapper. Fishing is red hot in Santa Cruz!

May 4 - Since the salmon have become so scarce we switched over to Deep Reef fishing then once the winds kicked up came in closer to finish up with copper, canary, olive, blue, black, brown and red pacific snapper. Live chovies were the ticket today. We should have live bait from now on through the season.

May 2 - Headed to the local rockcod grounds today and the fish were on fire! Using live bait, we had six limits by 9:30am with blue, olive and red pacific snapper to six pounds. Then since we had some time left we decided to troll for salmon. Weather and water were perfect.

April 29 - Deep Reef again and the fishing was as hot as yesterday until the wind came up. We nailed some big copper and reds then came closer to shore and finished up with limits of olive, canary, copper, black, brown and red pacific snapper and a couple lingcod.

April 28 - Fished Deep Reef today and it was RED HOT! Biggest canary, copper, brown, olive greenspot and red pacific snapper of the year and we also kept six lingcod. The $120 jackpot went to Kevin for his 18 pound lingcod.

April 27 - Headed out for salmon today. Unfortunately the salmon are still nowhere to be found. On the way back to the harbor we stopped off for some rockcod to bring home.

April 26 - The rock cod fishing wasn't red hot today, but we managed to catch half limits. Cold water and heavier winds later in the day kept us from going the distance. We were able to finish the day off with some quality blacks and browns making for a happy crew.

April 25 - Well, tried for salmon again and none of the boats caught fish. Great whale shows but zero salmon netted.

April 24 - Bamm! Netted some quality anchovies today and headed out to some of our favorite rockcod grounds for limits of quality olive, blue, brown and red pacific snapper. Like the reds, some of these olives were BIG! Trolled a bit for salmon afterwards but no takers. Headed down to Mulligan's for salmon again tomorrow. Still a sporadic bite down there so we're due for some good salmon action.

April 22 - Salmon again and the bite is still too sporadic. One day a boat will limit out and the next day just a fish or two. It may be a week or so before the fishing becomes more consistent.

April 21 Afternoon trip - Nearshore potluck for brown, black and red pacific snapper.

April 21 Morning trip - Went for nearshore potluck today and got into some really nice lingcod and big copper, canary, red pacific snapper.

April 20 - Salmon fishing was tough again. A lot of work for just a fish or two. Once the bait comes in closer to shore it should be game on!

April 15 - Rockcod and lingcod fishing today. Decided to try our luck up at Davenport for some big lings. Unfortunately the water temps dropped to 53 degrees from the past few windy days and the fish didn't want to bite.

April 14 - Headed off to the salmon grounds today in perfect weather. Lots of boats and fish are getting caught! We brought home four nice kings, lost a nice one and brought up a shorty.

April 13 - Fishing local potluck today. Weather started out cold but warmed up nice. Fish were not cooperating today but did bring home black, canary and blue pacific snapper.

April 11 - Still in the first week of the salmon opener. Fishing is still hit or miss. Of the 100+ boats out fishing today we only saw two nets and one of them was ours! Heard there is a very large krill population not too far away full of whales and birds and undoubtably salmon. The fish that everyone is focused on for the past five days are getting skittish with all the fishing pressure. May be time to move on.

April 10 - Day 4 of salmon season and the fish are styill not grouped up. You got to get lucky and run over the top of them. Five hookups today of which one was short, two no shows and two nice 15 pounders in the box.

April 9 - Day 3 of salmon season and boats, including us, are still having trouble nailing down the salmon. As soon as we dropped in we had a double and lost both then after a few hours hooked into a nice 16.5 pounder that made it in the boat. The water was much better today now that the storm has passed.

April 8 - 2nd day of the salmon opener and the weather was crummy. We would like to have headed south again but the weatherman called for small craft warnings and at 7:30am it was already looking ugly. We fished closer to Santa Cruz and didn't find any fish.

April 7 - Salmon season opens today and we're all heading out to the big unknown... where to begin fishing? We fished all over the bay and only got one stripped bait. We were about to head off even further south but the group had tickets fo the Shark's game tonight and thought they had enough fishing so we came back home.

April 5 Afternoon trip - Picked up where we left off this morning and the fish were biting even more aggresive than this morning. Took off the shrimp flies and ended up fly-lining anchovies for 50 BIG olive and black pacific snapper and ended the day with a beast 21.5 pound halibut! Water was perfect. Live anchovies was the ticket.

April 5 Morning trip - Flat calm water and another day of great catching! Limits of black, olive, canary and red pacific snapper and six lingcod that all went back to grow. Live anchovies was the ticket.

April 2 - WOW! Fished closer to Santa Cruz today and the weather was awesome. Fishing was red hot for the first few hours then once the wind came it slowed down a bit. Came home with 3/4 limits of nice blue, black, olive, brown, canary and BIG red (12 of them as a matter of fact) pacific snapper. 44 fish. Live anchovies was the ticket. Happy Easter everyone and welcome to the 2018 fishing season! Today was the opener for rockfish (rockcod/snapper) and lingcod and from the get go it was game on! Caught six limits of lingcod but let more than half go back to grow. Also caught limits of some really nice copper, canary, black, brown, blue, olive, and red pacific snapper. Great day! 64 fish.

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