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2016 Fishing Report

December 31 – East wind showed up again so things were a little bumpy today. Ran out to the crab grounds and as expected not many crabs and the shrimp count was a bit off too. Then came in closer to shore and fished for pacific snapper and lingcod. Brought home near limits of nice olive, blue, brown, black pacific snapper and three nice lingcod!

December 30 – Weather was much nicer today with flatter seas and a lot less wind. Ran out to the crab gear and crab counts are going down again. Then headed inshore for some lingcod and snapper action. Bite was sporadic throughout the day and we managed to get some nice blue, black and red pacific snapper and boated three lingcod.

December 29 – Wasn't such a nice morning. Water was bUmPy and the wind was cold and hard. Ran out to the crab gear and got some crab and shrimp then spent the next five hours trying to get the snapper and lingcod to bite. No dice. Fish were not biting today.

December 28 – Another perfect day on the water and today the fish were BIG! Mostly brown and red pacific snapper to five pounds and one fat lingcod. Missed a couple nice lings too. Crabbing was ok too.

December 27 – Perfect water today but was a bit chilly in the morning. Fish were a little shy today but the crab counts are getting better.

December 20 – Today was a special trip up to Ano Nuevo a.k.a. Jurassic Park. The water and weather were perfect and the fishing was off the hook! We nailed limits for seven hard working fishermen plus lingcod. Biggest fish was a seven pound red pacific snapper. The black pacific snappers averaged two pounds each. These are really big fish! This was our last Jurassic Park trip until April next year. Our snapper and lingcod season ends in eleven more days!

December 17 – Fun fun fun! Ran out to the crab grounds and ran some crab pots AND prawn pots and lo and behold there were crabs and about 7 pounds of coonstripe prawns, and we even got some small octopus! Then headed to the fishing grounds and must have caught over 20 canaries that we had to throw back according to our brilliant government canaries are endangered). Had fun catching blue and black pacific snapper but wanted to focus more on lingcod. Hooked 15 lingcod and brought home five. The other ten lingcod were either short or no-shows. Got buzzed by a great white shark just a foot away from the boat. Weather was perfect and will be perfect for the next week! Snapper and lingcod season ends in only 13 more days!

December 16 – Yay, the storm has passed! We start up fishing again tomorrow and it's looking good for fishing for the remainder of the week! Flast calm seas Saturday through at least Tuesday. Better hurry up, snapper and lingcod season ends in only 14 more days!

December 9 – Snapper trip again today and again the water was flat calm. Fish were hungry too. Got into the BIG red, olive, blue, black, copper pacific snapper to four pounds plus lingcod. The other five reds all went over three pounds. Nice haul today.

December 4 – Snapper trip again today but the fish weren't cooperating much. Water was a little chewed up in the morning then it got real nice late morning early afternoon. Hooked into some sharks and landed one. We think we were hooked into a 100+ pound sevengill shark. Fought for at least 15 minutes before it broke off. Good fight and big circles under the boat. Greg and I might go shark hunting this week with steel leaders and whole live fish for bait. There's plenty of croakers, mackeral and jack smelt around for bait. Let me know if your interested. We have good weather forecasted all week.

December 2-3 – Ran out to the crab grounds to reset our gear and the crab counts are definitely on the rise.

November 30 – Snapper trip today and the water was flat calm. Fish were a little shy today but we got into some nice blue, black, olive and red pacific snapper.

November 28 – Finally the crab counts are starting to rise and the fishing was red hot. Limits of quality blue, olive and red pacific snapper to six pounds! Great water in the morning.

November 25 – Crab production today was limited, but we made up for it by putting 59 blue and olive pacific snapper in the box. Sea conditions started a little bumpy, but by late morning the sea flattened out and we had an enjoyable time reeling in future fish tacos.

November 24 – Happy Thanksgiving everybody! What a great day of fishing today. Crab is still slow but the pacific snapper bite is still going strong.

November 23 – Bye bye swell and hello fish! Limits of quality blue, olive and red pacific snapper. Not many crabs today. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

November 22 – Swell is all but gone now and the crabbing is still slow from the passing swells. Hopefully things settle down and we get back into big crab numbers.

November 21 – Big swell was in town and apprently knocked the crab bite down.

November 16 – Averaged eight crabs per person and crabs went as big as three pounds!

November 13 – Todays pacific snapper trip was good but the wind, fog, and bigger swell sure didn't make it easy. Storm coming in tomorrow then everything back to normal by Thursday/Friday.

November 11 – What a gorgeous day on the water. Headed out to our crab pot farm and the crabs were big and plentiful. Then headed over for some lingcod and snapper action and again they were BIG.

November 7 – Back on the water and the swells have really come down. Weather was gorgeous! Fish were happy to see us and so were the crab! LIMITS of crab and pacific snapper today and one nice lingcod. Doesn’t get any better than this.

November 6 - The swell got even bigger and NOAA issued small craft warnings so we stayed in port. The swell subsides tonight so we're back on the water tomorrow for more crab and more lingcod & snapper! Crab combos are great fun!

November 5 - It's crab season! Set out the first batch of pots this morning in a rather big swell. Had a super-pod of hundreds of dolphins approach the boat doing all kinds of zipping around and jumping out of the water. This show went on for at least ten minutes! After fishing for four hours we went back to check our pots. Nice catch considering the growing swell. Came home with half limits of nice blue, black and olive pacific snapper, two lingcod, and a dozen crabs. Tomorrow we put out another batch of pots.

November 4 - Great fishing today with light wind and sunny all day. Lot's of sea action with a great whlae show, rockcod and one missed lingcod. Tomorrow is our crab opener!

October 29 - The storm is still here for another day The forecast is perfect weather for fishing starting Monday through Friday. Get on the boat while we're running our price specials! And remember crab season opens November 5th.

October 26 - Dungeness crab season opens on November 5th! The average weight of a crab is two pounds! Each angler is allowed ten crabs! Wahoo! Better bring a bigger cooler. We're running a price special to get the season going so you just might want to get on the boat soon before the price goes up! Our crab combo trips INCLUDE fishing for snapper and lingcod.

October 24 - Great run up to the island today but we only had a small window of time for catching as there was a storm coming in later. After hunting around a bit we eneded up getting slammed with GIANT blacks and blue pacific snapper and the bluest colored lingcod we've ever seen. Great day and great group.

October 17 - OKAY, the storms have passed! Now it's time to get back on the water and take care of business. The weather is supposed to stay calm for the near future and good thing too considering the lingcod spawn is about to begin! The snapper bite is wide open this time of year and the lingcod usually turn on big time. For those of you who still want tuna... Sorry Charlie. The tuna never came into the area and with the storms we just endured it's unlikely the tuna will come at all. I realize some sites say there are sightings etc but only one confirmed tuna has been caught in the past four weeks.

October 4 - Perfect fishing conditions today and the fish were glad to see us. Right from the get go we started hauling in BIG olives and BIG blues and it was pretty much non-stop for a couple hours. Caught well over 90 fish and only kept six limits of BIG olive and BIG blue pacific snapper then we went in for our halibut/lingcod drift and nailed a nice blue lingcod. Great day.

October 2 - Very nice day with the water flat calm and the sun out. Lt Cmdr Brighton and family of four, including a 5 and 6 year-old, had some pretty wild catching today. Fish were biting like crazy. Decided to keep only 40 of the biggest blues and olive pacific snapper. Must have let another 40 go to grow.

October 1 - Oh yeah, another trip to JURASSIC PARK. Weatherman cautioned us about the wind so we knew we had to get up there quick and fish hard. We stopped and caught sardines and jack smelt in front of Natural Bridges then high-tailed it to the island. There we were met with 14 mph winds but flat seas. Fished deep for about six lingcod then decicded to move closer to Franklin Point to get out of the building wind. Started nailing rockcod and finished up with a couple more lingcod, a BIG cabezon, limits of blue, black, olive, copper and red pacific snapper. Long ride home with 20 mph winds but safe and comfortable.

September 29 - What a great day and a great group. Pretty much steady action throughout the day with limits for all plus crew limits of quality black, blue, olive, brown and red pacific snapper to 7 pounds AND a nice lingcod AND a nice 12 pound halibut. Hooked over 120 fish and came home with 82 of the biggest fish. We have a JURASSIC PARK open load trip scheduled for Oct 9th and seats are still available. You don't want to miss this one!

September 25 Afternoon trip - Weather stayed perfect and felt like we were in the Mediterranean. Air temp got up to 76 degrees with about a 10 mph breeze. The fish were biting pretty good and we came home with good size black, olive and blue pacific snapper.

September 25 Morning trip - We have now officially entered into our best weather season and it should be here for a couple months. The water was flat as a lake and the fish were biting throughout the day. We had to catch over a 100 fish in order to get the quality (size) we wanted to keep and also brought home a nice lingcod.

September 24 Afternoon trip - Pretty nice water considering the wind storms we've had for past few days and the fish seem to be back on the bite. Came in with near limits of quality olive, blue and brown pacific snapper.

September 24 Morning trip - Wind storm has passed and the fish are still a bit unsettled. Not many fish today but we did bring home a nice 16 pound lingcod along with an assortment of olive, blue and brown pacific snapper.

September 22 - Another WINDY day today but that didn't stop our bachelor party from charging on. These guys were great and fished as though it was flat calm water and the fish liked it! 3/4 limits of quality brown, blue, olive, black and red pacific snapper and one keeper lingcod. Another day on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

September 21 - The wind was blowing hard today so we decided to fish closer to Santa Cruz rather than go all the way up to Jurassic Park. The fishing was good! Limits of BIG blue, black, brown and red pacific snapper. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride today.

September 19 - Absolutely perfect water and weather today and fun fun fun. Fish were feeding good today and we caught well over a hundred various pacific snapper today and decided to keep just enough for a few meals. Also brought home a couple nice lingcod to 12 pounds.

September 18 - Another JURASSIC PARK run and what a great day. Water was pretty flat all the way up the coast and fishing was steady. The lingcod are still being a little shy but managed to bring home seven lingcod. The snapper bite was wide open and after catching over 150 fish we kept only 75 of the biggest blue, black, olive and china pacific snapper.

September 17 Afternoon trip - Started out windy and a bit of a swell but the three fathers and sons stuck it out and good thing they did. The weather started to calm down and the fish started to bite! Came home with five limits of quality pacific snapper.

September 17 Morning trip - Smooth water but the fishing was slow. Worked the area between Natural Bridges and South Rock but unfortunately only came in with half limits of pacific snapper.

September 16 - JURASSIC PARK again today. Water was very nice. We ended up getting 12 very nice lingcod and 6 limits of nice size red pacific snapper blacks blues and China's.

September 15 - JURASSIC PARK today. Water was flat calm all the way to the island and we got there the wind was pushing 15 mpg. Very fishable for about five hours then had to head home. Got some nice lingcod and six limits of quality blue, black, china and red pacific snapper to 9 pounds!

September 11 - Fished local today. The water was as flat as a pancake. Very slow bite throughout the day with a little burst toward the end of the trip. Landed two nice cabezon and five+ limits of nice olive and blue pacific snapper. Fish were a bit on the smaller side today and we must have tossed back a couple dozen. Threw back a short ling, missed a couple others and lost something HUGE (think 35 pound halibut) just under the boat.

September 10 - JURASSIC PARK again but this time the results weren't as good. The water was flat calm but the red tide came in and the fishing was really tough. Only a handful of lingcod but limits of quality blue, black, olive and red pacific snapper to six pounds.

September 5 - JURASSIC PARK trip today and, contrary to the weather forecast, it was a perfect day on the water. No wind and no big swell. The fish were biting good too. 11 year-old Riley managed to land six lingcod by himself and brought another five to the boat that got away. Second place was dad with four lingcod in the boat and lost maybe six (not dad's fault!), the rest of the action was pretty much solid with BIG blacks and BIG blues. Came home with ten lingcod to 15 pounds and 48 BIG pacific snapper for four people. Great day! We have gorgeous weather forecasted this week.

September 4 - Nice and sunny today but that also meant there was some winds to contend with. Last night had high winds which incredibly change the water temps from 60 yesterday to a cool 56 today. Rockcod was slow for a few hours then we moved into some warmer water and the bite picked up. Limits for five of BIG olive, BIG black, blue and copper pacific snapper. No lingcod love today.

September 3 - We had to stay local again due to the high wind forecast. We headed out to where we left off yesterday and the fishing lit up like never before. WOW, we must have hauled in well over 120 fish. We kept the biggest 80 for eight limits of some quality blue and olive pacific snapper. Tried for lingcod and halibut but came up blank. Weather is supposed to start getting better after tonight.

September 2 - The weather forecast called for high winds up at Ano so we elected to fish locally. Got limits for six of blue and olive pacific snapper.

August 28 Afternoon trip - The wind picked up and fishing deep was no longer an option so we tried one of our secret spots in shallower water. WOW! Seems like the fish were waiting for us. Limits of BIG black, blue and olive pacific snapper.

August 28 Morning trip - Weather seems to be getting a bit of a chill to it but otherwise fishing was great! 3/4 limits of nice olive, blue, brown and red pacific snapper and five lingcod!

August 27 Afternoon trip - Went right back where we were this morning and the fish were waiting for us and the weather was perfect. Slower fishing with just half limits of some BIG olive, brown and red pacific snapper for four but did get lucky with six lingcod! Five year-old Aubrey brought in the first fish to get the bite started. 15 year-old Caleb got to play captain for a spell. What a great time for these youngsters and mom and dad of course. Live mackerel was the ticket for the lingcod.

August 27 Morning trip - Flat as a pancake water with no wind and no fog. Perfect conditions for great fishing and we had off the hook action with 3/4 limites of black, olive, brown and six BIG vermillion plus eight lingcod for six people. Jigged up live mackerel today.

August 26 - Great fishing today but had to move away from shore to get the bite going. Six Limit plus crew fish of big olive, blue and red pacific snapper and one nice lingcod.

August 24 - Jurassic Park today and we were not dissapointed! We slammed the lingcod today for limits for all plus we released at least a dozen (some intentionally). Biggest ling 19 pounds. Then we went on to snapper and again pumped out limits plus crew fish of blue, black, copper, brown and BIG red pacific snapper to six pounds. Total at the end of the mayhem was 85 fish (18 lingcod + 67 snapper) that came to roughly 250+ pounds. Everyone is going to need a rest tonight. A lot of work and a lot of happy folks.

August 21 - Another sweet day on the water. Got limits of blues, olives, browns and red pacific snapper and one nice lingcod.

August 20 - Best weather we have seen at Jurassic Park yet this year. We picked up ten nice lingcod and one was 20 pounds! We also got limits of blacks, blues, olives and red pacific snapper snapper. Also hooked a three hundred pound mola mola but it got away.

August 19 - Another flat calm day on the bay. With early limits of olive, blue and red pacific snapper and one nice lingcod also threw back a couple of short ones. Then we tried drifting for halibut for a couple hours. Great day of fishing!!!

August 18 - Flatest water we've seen all year and overcast. Great day with fish coming in non-stop, whale show and early limits of olive, blue and red pacific snapper. So early that we spent another couple hours drifting for halibut.

August 17 - Another flat calm day and overcast with temps around 55-60. Picked up where we left off from last trip and the fish were waiting for us. We nailed limits plus crew limit of quality blue, olive, brown and red pacific snapper. Missed a couple lings too.

August 15 - Perfect conditions for fishing with a touch of fog in the morning and overcast all day with a balmy 58 degree light breeze and a ton of fish! As soon as we dropped in it was game on and we kept hauling in fish and tossing back the tinies until we had limits of quality blue and olive rockcod. First-timer 14 year-old Matt got his first ocean fishing trip and also was highliner with a nice keeper lingcod! Live squid was the ticket today.

August 14 - I'm letting birthday girl Laura write this report. She was kind enough to offer to write the day's fish report so here we go! "Best birthday ever!! A perfect double nickel day on the Bay. And talk about fish! eight different varieties, catches for everyone, and a monster lingcod for the birthday girl! Captain Tom and First Mate Greg delivered to make this a great family day. Our first trip on the Mega-Bite, but definitely not our last! Thanks Team Tom! Woohoo!!". Now that's a nice report Laura, thank you. p.s. Captain's caveat... in addition we caught eight lingcod and brought home four lings to 15 pounds. Live squid did the trick.

August 13 Afternoon trip - Well, the weather changed for the worse and it was bumpy and cold. Ironically the temp was 97 in Los Gatos. Only fished for an hour before the party decided to pull the plug. Still brought home nice olive and red pacific snapper but not the haul we had earlier in the day.

August 13 Morning trip - Wonderful trip with great people. Foggy all day and a crisp 55 degrees. Fishing was good with limits of olive, blue, black, copper and red pacific snapper and a lingcod for first timer 14 year-old Trevor.

August 11 - Perfect fishing day with clouds and 55 degree morning. Took a while for the fish to wake up but when they finally did we were there waiting for them and BAMM! Limits of blues, blacks, browns, olive and red pacific snapper and three beautiful blue lingcod.

August 8 - Freak weather front hit us this morning. Winds were up early and the the water was rough. The party decided to call it quits after less than an hour.

August 7 - Jurassic Park trip again and this time the results weren't as good. The wind was already pushing 15 knots and the water was bUmPy. Had a couple nice cabezon to 6.5 pounds, BIG reds and blacks but only a couple lingcod. Tried fishing a few spots down the coast to escape the wind without success.

August 6 - Jurassic Park trip today and it was EPIC! 21 lingcod to 15 pounds for seven people and limits of BIG copper, blue, black, brown, china and red pacific snapper for six people. Wind stayed steady all day and the sun felt good with the 55 degree breeze. About as good as it gets. We're going again tomorrow too.

August 5 Afternoon trip - And the sunny weather got even better and reached 60 degree air temp. Right from the get go we started our limits of olive, blue, copper, boccacio and red pacific snapper.

August 5 Morning trip - Beautiful sunny day today and 59 degree temps. The fishing started out a little slow then went to a wide-open bite for limits of nice blue, olive and red pacific snapper.

August 4 - We've had a few days off now and getting ready for some great weather and fishing for the next five or so days. We will be running two Jurassic Park trips this weekend and there is still one seat left for Saturday's trip. We will also be running two local trips daily for the next few weeks while we're in our summer season. Fish are biting good and the weather's never been better!

July 31 Afternoon trip - Seas were perfect and the fish were waiting for us to return. Immediately got into the big olive bite again. Came home with 2/3 limits of pacific snapper plus a big blue lingcod. Air temp 62 degrees.

July 31 Morning trip - Flat calm water and air temp around 57 made for a very nice morning of fishing and dolphn watching. We got into a big olive bite and it was non-stop action. Limits of pacific snapper for all plus a couple nice lingcod.

July 29 Afternoon trip - Even foggier than this morning and the wind was up a bit but that didn't stop the fish from biting. Nice limits of olive, blue, black and red pacific snapper. Air temperature got down to 53 degrees.

July 29 Morning trip - Foggy with flat as a pancake water and 55 degrees all day long. Nice limits of quality olive, blue, brown and red pacific snapper and a lingcod.

July 28 - What a beautiful day on the water with air temps in the 50's. Ran out to some of our favorite deep water spots and were greeted with schools and schools of nice quality olives and blues. We finished up with limits early so headed in for some halibut and lingcod drifting. Hooked into some nice browns, short lingcod and a short halibut before heading back to the barn.

July 27 - Flat calm water again! Lots of fog and a steady air temp of 54 degrees. Fish were scattered but we managed 3/4 limits of brown, blue, black, olive and red pacific snapper.

July 26 - Very calm water today with fog. Ran up the coast to see what the fishing was like but the water was too cold so came back to Santa Cruz. Fished all day for 3/4 limits plus four nice lingcod. Air temp 56 degrees.

July 25 - Little lump on the water but it settled down after an hour or so. Fishing was slow today. Things should pick up real nice this week with the forecast of flat calm seas and the swell goig away after today.

July 24 - Back to local fishing and the bite seems to have slowed down again from the swell. Came home with a couple nice lingcod and half limits of nice olive, blue and red pacific snapper.

July 23 - Jurassic Park trip today up the coast 22 miles. The weather held for short window and we were able to fish for a few hours then had to high-tail it home at a whopping 8 knots. Think Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disneyland. Since we had to pull the gear early we didnt get limits but what we got was great! Also got to see a dolphin super pod (hundreds of dolphins swimming in a pack), whales, sharks and other critters in the ocean.

July 22 - Clear as a bell out today with just a little morning bump then after an hour or so things flattened out real nice. The fish were biting good today with five limits of blue, olive, brown and BIG red pacific snapper.

July 20 - A bit of a small southerly swell today which made the fish bite a little slower. Our friends from Chico and San Jose were really enjoing the 60 degree morning and 72 degree afternoon clear as a bell weather. Came home with over half limits of quality olive, brown, blue and some really BIG red pacific snapper.

July 19 - Jurassic Park today and we weren't disappointed. We got into the lingcod and BIG reds right from the start and it went on for a couple hours. Came home with 17 lingcod and a dozen BIG red pacific snapper to 8 pounds and another dozen or so of quality olive, china and blue pacific snapper.

July 18 - Flat calm water again today and cloudy which kept the sun off of us. Early limits of quality olive, brown, blue, copper and red pacific snapper and a couple nice lingcod.

July 17 - Nice water today and fishing was picking up with 3/4 limits of pacific snapper and one lingcod.

July 16 - Catching was a little slower today but we still brought home half limits of nice quality pacific snapper and two lingcod.

July 15 - Another nice day on the water and limits for dad and sons.

July 14 - Real nice day on the water flat clam but socked in with fog. Didn't bother us and it didn't bother the fish either. We nailed limits of olive, brown, blue and BIG red pacific snapper along with four lingcod to 15 pounds.

July 13 - Started out a bit foggy with a little lump on the water but after an hour or two the weather turned perfect and the fish went on a wide-open bite. Limits of olive, brown and BIG red pacific snapper PLUS four keeper lingcod. Must have tossed back a couple dozen fish including a dozen canaries. Next year we are allowed to keep one canary per angler.

July 12 - Perfect water and perfect weather today and a really good day of catching! Came home with halibut, a couple lingcod and limits of blue, brown, olive and some BIG red pacific snapper.

July 11 - Pretty big swell and it got windy today making fishing a little bit tougher. We managed to bring home half limits of blue and olive pacific snapper.

July 10 - Had to cancel our Jurassic Park trip due to high winds. Weather is supposed to settle down starting tomorrow. We have a couple Jurassic Park trips going in August that still have seats available.

July 9 Afternoon trip - We got blown out by winds to 25 mph and didn't catch much fish.

July 9 Morning trip - Beautiful weather and good fishing too. near limits for all of some quality black, blue, brown, olive and red pacific snapper.

July 8 - JURASSIC PARK today and what a great day it was. Limits plus crew fish of lingcod to 15 pounds then on to rockcod for nice assortment of white bellies, reds, olives, blues, blacks and brown pacific snapper!

July 7 - Little lump on the water but very fishable. Spent a little extra time making bait and got live squid, mackerel and sardines. Headed out to one of our honey holes and whacked the fish good! Limits of olive, blue and BIG red pacific snapper. In fact one of the reds was the biggest anyone's seen around here in years. Estimated to weigh about 9.5 pounds. We think it was eating small lingcod. Also brough home four nice lingcod. Great day. Happy 15th Birthday to Dillon!

July 6 - Great weather again and the fish were still waiting to get hooked. Early limits of nice quality olive, blue and black pacific snapper.

July 5 - Great weather and great fishing today with early limits of BIG olive, blue, black and lunker red pacific snapper. We have two seats available this Friday for Jurassic Park. So if you've been wanting to go on our most popular and exciting fishing excursions this Friday is a great time to go. Sign up soon as these two seats won't last long.

July 4 - Happy 4th of July everybody! Hope you have a great and safe day. Fishing was real good today but then around 10am the bite turned off and came to a crawl. Still managed to get half limits of BIG blue, black, and olive pacific snapper. We have two open seats for tomorrow's trip.

July 3 Afternoon trip - Great weather and the fish are biting good! 3/4 limits of quality pacific snapper.

July 3 Morning trip - Another perfect day for fishing with the water flat and the winds calm. And the fish were on fire! Early limits of quality pacific snapper then we drifted for an hour for one short halibut.

July 2 Afternoon trip - Weather was incrediblly good and the fish were biting big time. Nailed 3/4 limits of quality pacific snapper.

July 2 Morning trip - Really nice day on the water with a little fog to keep us cooled off. Fished closer to Santa Cruz this time from the get go and we nailed 3/4 limits of pacific snapper and three lingcod. Great day.

July 1 - Decided to skip trying for salmon and head up to Davenport to see if lingcod and rockcod were biting. When we got there the water was pretty nice but the fish were not on the bite. Worked our way back to Santa Cruz and found some willing fish. Got 3/4 limits for all of black, blue, olive and red pacific snapper and a couple lingcod to 13 pounds. Nice day!

June 30 - The south swell came back and the fishing went cold again. Had an early return due to a couple tummies not feeling well from the swell.

June 29 - South swell be gone!!! Still have a big westerly swell but the fish didn't mind much today. We hade early limits for all plus crew fish of BIG red, blue, brown, olive, black and china pacific snapper and one keeper lingcod. Great fishing today and it went wide open. Also got a couple shows of a giant pod of dolphins, probably 400 of them. Weather forecast for the next five days is flat calm seas and no wind! Going to be a great 4th of July!

June 26 - Big south swell still lingering and the fishing was the slowest we've seen all season. This large swell has been teasing us for two weeks now. The good news is this swell is supposed to relax within the week so our fishing and catching should return to normal by the weekend.

June 25 - Big swell in town and the fish don't like it. Not many fish caught today for any of the boats out.

June 22 - Wind and swell made fishing a bit slow today. Couple more days and things should be back to normal.

June 21 - A little breezy today but still fishable. Fish bite slowed down a little from yesterday but did manage half limits of quality fish with some BIG olives in the mix and three nice lingcod to 13 pounds!

June 20 - Weather was slightly bumpy but but easily fishable. The action was moderate but consistent with a couple double and triple hook-ups. We put 45 fish on board for 5 anglers and sent a couple "short" Lings back.

June 19 - Water is calmon down a lot now. Fishing was still slow due to the tore up water from last nights high winds but we did manage to find some quality black, olive and red pacific snapper.

June 18 - Swell is starting to relax so we started up the coast for Jurassic Park. Only got about half way when we were met with some wind. Decided to fish where we were instead of risking another hour of motoring up the hill just to find out we would have to turn around from the high winds. Smart move too. We started getting fish right away but it was low numbers for the rest of the day. The winds finally found us and made fishing pretty difficult. Came home with a couple lingcod and some nice china, brown and black pacific snapper.

June 17 - High winds again with a big swell. We had to do some serious driving around to find willing fish. Was real slow for the first four hours then things picked up real nice with big black, brown and red pacific snapper.

June 15 - High winds made fishing difficult and the fish weren't very happy either. We caught and released one shaker salmon then came in closer to shore and caught some rockcod.

June 12 - Another nice day on the water but the nearshore fish were not biting much again. Salmon have begun to show up early and some boats are doing quite well.

June 11 - Water was pretty nice today with just a little lump and the fish were getting more active. Missed a couple halibut but did manage to get some lingcod and near limits of copper, brown, blue, black, olive and red pacific snapper. Almost had a 300# sunfish jump in the boat!

June 10 - Now we're getting back to a normal bite. Snapper was a little slow but the halibut, lingcod and cabezon we brought home with the pacific snapper was a real treat.

June 8 - Bite is still slow. Water is warming up and the swell is going down. Shgould see good catches in a couple days. We have an open load for Jurassic Park on July 10th. As you may know this is the granddaddy of lingcod and rockcod trips. See our availability calendar to see is seats are still available.

June 7 - Swell lingering but going down. Cold water still here and the bite was real slow today.

June 5 - Swell came back and brought some colder water in with it. Fishing was slow today.

June 4 - Yay! The big bad swell is gone! The young ladies ages 13 to 23 took over today and brought in BIG vermillions to five pounds. Came home with 3/4 limits of olive, blue, brown, china and red pacific snapper. About 80 pounds of fish. Not bad considering these gals have never fished on the ocean before today. Proud dads, BF and captain!

June 2 - Well the big south swell was big up at Ano too and the fish weren't biting much. We did come home with halibut, lingcod and rockcod and 20 dungeness crabs.

June 1 - Big south swell in town now and the bite dropped off. We only got a handful of rockcod and lingcod today. Jurassic Park tomorrow stay tuned...

May 31 - Started out slow again so we traveled to about six different secret spots until WHAM! The red snapper went on fire and they were BIG! Was pretty wild for about an hour or more with more than 20 reds of which about a dozen were over four pounds. We also had nice black, olive and brown snapper but the stringer of reds (not all reds were put on the stringer!) made it our best pacific red snapper haul ever. Now for the real good part. The four young men that hauled in these fish were sponsored by a non-profit group for at risk kids and Monterey Bay Charters. These kids won a trip on the MEGA-BITE for graduating this year. These boys were mentored by Lucas Webb and through Luke's hard work and determination these youngsters went back into school, finished their curriculum and got their degrees. These boys are just 14 years-old. Good job Luke and good job young men!

May 30 - Better nearshore fishing today but still not wide open bite. Some nice black, olive, red pacific snapper and lingcod. Salmon seemed to have moved up the coast and the next batch is anticipated to be here any week now. There are still salmon caught but not in any significant numbers.

May 29 - Real tough fishing today. Went all up and down the coast and only came home with some fish and one lingcod.

May 28 Afternoon trip - Started out bumpy like it was in the morning but gradually the ocean settled down and the wind and bumps got smaller. Then the fishing went on fire! Great fishing for a family of six and came home with BIG blacks and red pacific snapper and one keeper lingcod.

May 28 Morning trip - Water was bumpy and the fish were tough to find again. Tried going up the hill but only got a few miles because of the weather. We did get some nice brown, black and red pacific snapper.

May 27 - Still a bit of a lump on the water and the fish were still off the bite. We did manage to bring home limits of quality brown, black and red pacific snapper and three lingcod to 13 pounds.

May 26 - Little lump on the water from the high winds last night and it seemed to knock down the local snapper bite so we had to travel a ways to find some willing fish. We found em. Limits of china, copper, brown, black, blue, olive and red snapper and one keeper lingcod.

May 23 - Another flat calm water day and the fish were ready for a fight. The very first drop Alex age 8 brought up a double consisting of a nine pound lingcod and three pound red. After that it was pretty much non-stop action for a few hours for limits of blue, olive, brown and red pacific snapper. Great energy from the kids today. Happy birthday Aiden!

May 22 - Weather was flat calm again but the water's still a bit cold for a wide-open snapper bite. Fortunately we went for crabs first and brought in 80 dungeness to three pounds (yes, that's a lot of crab!) one nice lingcod and some blue, olive, gopher and brown pacific snapper.

May 21 - Wind storms are gone now and calm seas are forecasted for the next five days. Today we fished nearshore and did great with near limits of BIG blue, black, copper, brown, olive and red pacific snapper and a 20 pound lingcod!

May 18 - Local snapper fishing today was pretty slow. We have a storm in town and the swell's knocking the bite off. Lost a few lingcod today too. Got some quality black, brown, olive and red pacific snapper.

May 14 - Jurassic Park today and conditions were perfect for the 22 mile trek. As soon as we dropped in the lingcod action was on. We hooked more than 40 lingcod and only kept 23. Live bait was the ticket and there's plenty of it in front of the harbor. After we finished up with lingcod we started to work on our snapper fishing but with the ground swell we only got 1/2 limits. The upside was all fish were three pounds and over! Estimated catch today was 170 pounds of quality lingcod and pacific snapper.

May 13 - Our nearshore charter today was very slow in the beginning. One of those mornings where you wonder what we might be doing wrong. Fortunately we figured it out and ran an hour up the coast (thanks Joe) and slammed BIG... REALLY BIG blacks to five pounds plus an assortment of grass, black and yellows pacific snapper and four lingcod. Great day and the water was flat calm all day.

May 12 - 9 - Commercial salmon fishing (no charters).

May 8 - Ran up to Jurassic Park today and WOW. We smashed the lingcod catching record today by limiting out on lingcod to 14 pounds within 40 minutes and that's including throwing back a dozen shorties that needed to grow! Then we went on to rockcod fishing and again we were tossing fish in left and right from the get go. Limited out with BIG blacks, blues, china, a tree rockfish which is very rare, copper and olive pacific snapper in about an hour and a half. Talk about a wild and fun day. It was epic. The water was flat calm all day and is supposed to be flat calm the rest of the week. Any takers?

May 7 - Water was perfect and so was the catching! Early limits of blue, black and olive pacific snapper. Missed a few lingcod. Lots of whale activity around the boat. The salmon are being caught in good numbers now.

May 6 - Another gorgeous day on the water. We decided to try for nearshore before salmon today and turned out to be a wise choice. Salmon was slow (radio reports) and the snapper were on fire! Limits of quality blues, olive and black pacific snapper. 12 year-old Matt from Modesto won the jackpot with his 12 pound lingcod.

May 4 - Perfect weather again and the fish were more active too. Went out to our crab gear and got crab to 3 pounds then headed nearshore for snapper fishing and nailed 3/4 limits of blue, olive, black, brown and red pacific snapper.

May 2 - Great weather today for our crab and snapper trip. Crab to 3 pounds and pacific snapper to 2 pounds. The salmon fishing is now very good. Commercial salmon started yesterday and the fish have been big and good numbers.

May 1 - Finally a break in the weather and the ride was smooth! What a relief after a week plus of bumpy seas and high winds. Great crabbing today and nearshore fishing. Loaded up with dungeness crab to 3 pounds and blues, blacks and olives to three pounds. Perfect day and happy group.

April 30 - The storm's still here and the fish were tough to find again but we managed half limits of nice olive, blue, black and brown pacific snapper and a few dozen dungeness crabs to three pounds. Last day of high winds. Yipeee!

April 29 - Nearshore fishing again today and the water was still pretty chewed up. Took a while but we finally managed to find some fish that wanted to bite. Loaded up with olive, black, blue, brown and red pacific snapper.

April 27 - Nearshore fishing today and with the recent winds the water was still a little lumpy and cooled off. Had to search for a while but we finally found a big school of fish and had limits of blue, olive and red pacific snapper.

April 26 - Crab run today and the water was still bumpy! Limits of jumbo crabs to three pounds. This is a good year for crab.

April 24 - Headed out to run the crab gear but the wind and swell forced us to stay closer to shore. Wound up fishing in BuMpY water all morning for some quality red, olive, blue and black pacific snapper to four pounds.

April 23 - Decided against salmon fishing today and fished nearshore. Good decision too. No salmon caught today by anyone in the salmon grounds and our lucky group went home with over 30 nice pacific snapper. Big swell in town and the wind chased us in around noon.

April 20 - The salmon seemed to have moved off to a new area. Only a few fish caught today amongst all the boats and none for our boat.

April 18 & 19 - No fishing but we will be fishing salmon starting tomorrow. Heard there's a good salmon bite going on now too.

April 17 - Salmon fishing was better for some of us today and not so good for others. We hooked four and landed three salmon to 18 pounds. Perfect water and weather today.

April 16 - Salmon were scarce again today but this time we opted to stick it out and not switch over to nearshore. Had one take down and that's it. Lot's of whales but not many salmon caught by the fleet today.

April 15 - Salmon fishing today was pretty difficult with the high winds in town. Switched over to rockcod mid-morning and the winds were making it hard to slow the drift down. Did manage to get some blues, blacks, olives and red pacific snapper.

April 13 afternoon trip - The winds arrived! Was pretty windy so we were unable to pick up where we left off and had to fish closer to shore to one of our other honey holes. Not much biting with the wind but we did have fun catching blues and olives rockcod for birthday boy Joseph eleven, nine year-old brother Riley and Mom and Dad.

April 13 morning trip - Weatherman forecasted some high winds but they never materialized so fishing water today was awesome! Our group from Utah and Minnesota got busy real quick and loaded the boat with limits for all with browns, olives, blacks, blues, coppers, china and red pacific snapper.

April 12 - BuMpY and Windy today. Ran out to the crab pots and did real good with jumbo crabs then headed closer to shore for rockcod fishing. Unfortunately the winds were already blowing and holding the boat steady over fish was nearly impossible. We did manage to get some nice red, blue, brown and olive pacific snapper.

April 11 - Clear and sunny today with no wind. More whales than we've seen all year. And the salmon were biting! Hooked six fish and landed four salmon to 18 pounds. Something BIG bit a bait and was on long enough for us to clear all the lines and get ready to motor toward it. But, eventually got off the hook. Bluefin tuna?

April 10 - Had some rain in the morning and it let up around 9am. Salmon are still difficult to find but we managed to hook into two and got one 18 pounder in the boat. Great whale show today.

April 9 - Water was flat calm again but the fish seemed to have moved on from where we have been catching. Came home with one fat salmon today.

April 8 - Went for salmon today and the water was gorgeous. Like a swimming pool. The salmon must have liked it too because within 45 minutes of dropping in we starting hooking up salmon. Hooked into five salmon and landed four nice quality fish. Whales were a good show today too.

April 7 - More crabs and rockcod today. Weather was rough for the first hour then it let up to eventually a perfect day on the bay. 42 dungeness crabs to three pounds and lots of red, brown, copper, blue, black and olive pacific snapper.

April 6 - Crab fishing was great with crab limits (60) to 3lbs. Wind was up a bit so it took a little longer than usual to run the crab gear which ate into our pacific snapper fishing time. Got some nice black, blue and olive pacific snapper.

April 4 - Salmon fished our spot from Saturday and after a couple hours with no fish picked up the gear and headed down to Moss Landing area where we heard there might be a bite. Must have got there late because we never saw a fish or a net. Did get to see lots of whales and crab pots though. Headed to the Soquel Hole and after 45 mins had to pull the gear and run in to escape the killer sheep (white caps) and the incoming blow.

April 3 - Rockcod and lingcod fishing today and it started off pretty slow until we found a pile of fish up the coast that seemed to waiting for us. As soon as we dropped in immediately the biggest black rockcod any of us has ever seen got hooked up as part of a double. We ended the day with 50 snapper mix of coppers, vermillions, grass, blue, black, greenlings and the biggest fish, a black rockfish (snapper) going 5lbs 3oz, taking the jackpot and second place was a nice lingcod. Weather was perfect.

April 2 - Salmon opener today and the salmon are scattered. Not many caught today probably because the krill was nowhere to be found. Lots of pelagic crab in the area which should make for an excellent tuna season. We came home with one very nice salmon. Water was flat and calm with little wind.

April 1 - Rockcod and lingcod opened today with a thud. Of the three boats we worked with today only three fish were caught. On the other hand we checked our crab gear and just ran one pot that had 25 crabs in it. Crabbing good, nearshore fishing not good and probably due to having a big swell in town and the water's pretty cold. Salmon season opener tomorrow. Salmon like cold water.

December 31 - Howdy all. Hope you had a good winter. Well, here we go again! Fishing season has been closed since December 31st and starts back up on April 1st.

Here's a bit of a recap from last season and an outlook for the upcoming season. If it's anything like last year we should have some pretty nice weather and catches:

  • Salmon fishing last year was good in April and May but then quickly slowed down. The krill that the salmon feed on stuck around Monterey Bay until around the end of May then went up the coast toward Alaska. The salmon (and whales) followed it. The later run salmon (June-August) feed on anchovies and sardines and these baitfish never came in close enough to shore to bring the salmon inland. April and May are still good windows for salmon fishing but after that it's hit or miss. Fortunately we have other types of fishing as a backup in the event the salmon stop biting.

  • Rockcod and Lingcod (nearshore fishing) was outstanding last year. Limits of rockcod (ten fish per person) were the norm. Plenty of bigger fish too. We even made some trips up to Jurassic Park for some of the monster fish. When we do Jurassic Park trips, in addition to BIG rockcod, we typically limit out on lingcod (three fish per person) and they can be very BIG!

  • Now here's the interesting part... Tuna showed up last year. Bluefin and Bonita fishing was intense! Bluefin averaging 50 pounds and bonita averaging seven pounds. Of the hundred or so trips from the fleet to the albacore grounds last year only one albacore was caught. I think it's safe to say that this year the bluefin and bonita will be around again, and who knows, maybe the albacore will join them this time.

  • Dungeness crab trips will resume April 1st. Because of the location and time spent pulling crab gear we will only be running local nearshore crab combo trips. So you can get your limit of crab AND limit of rockcod on the same trip! And the really good news... the crab limit has been raised from six to ten crabs per angler! Bring you buckets or tubs to take your live crab home.
For those of you that would like to read the 2016-2017 Fish & Wildlife regulations booklet is now online.

Please check availability on our website before booking your trip.

I look forward to fishing with you in 2016. Tight lines!

Captain Tom

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