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** 2011 ** Fishing Report
Robert Wins A Bet (rated R) Skip & Charlie's Wild Salmon Trip
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Welcome to our 2011 Fishing Report. Every trip is reported.

December 31st - Swell lingering around but we found the fish and had a blast bringing in limits of red, olive, black and blue rockcod. Fishing season is now officially over until the salmon opener April 7th. See you next year!

December 30th - The swell is gone and the fish are back! BIG blue, black and nice olive rockcod today. Lot's of dophins around too.

December 28th - Even BIGGER southerly swell in town and the bite was even tougher today and the fish weren't the biggest. A nice mix of vermillion/red, black, blue and olive rockcod.

December 26th - BIG southerly swell in town and the bite was tough today and the fish weren't the biggest. 4+ limits of olives, blacks, blues, copper rockcod.

December 23rd - What a great way to spend a birthday for Dave and kick off the holiday weekend. Great fishing with vermillion to 8 pounds and limits of reds, olives, blacks, coppers, china and blue rockcod for all and crew. Five keeper lingcod (and a few we let go to grow) to boot! Doesn't get any better than this.

December 17th - Weather was cold and the water was mixed but that didn't deter our young men from heading out to the wild blue yonder and nailing some very nice red, black and olive rockcod and shaker lingcod. Great trip!

December 15th - Went out on a crew run and didn't find many fish due to the BIG swell that arrived in front of the storm today. Got some reds, olives and blacks and shaker lingcod. Things should pick up over the next week or so.

December 6th - OK, been doing this for quite a few years and finally I have met Vicious Ficious (aka Emerald). Fish didn't have a chance today. We nailed 8 vermillion (red snapper) to 7 pounds and hammered the black rockcod. Water was flat and it was warm out all day long!

November 22nd - Great trip and great fishing with lots of BIG red, black and blue rockcod and a couple nice keeper lings too.

November 17th - Perfect water and perfect fishing. The bite went wide open and we got limits of BIG black, blue and olive rockcod.

November 5th - The south swell is here again and consequently the water was a bit lumpy and mixed fortunately without too much wind. The fish bite wasn't as good as its been. Hopefully once this storm passes we'll get back into full limits.

October 30th - Perfect! Even better whale show than yesterday and water was the best this year! Limits of vermillion, blue, black and BIG olive rockcod for everyone and crew fish and a nice keeper lingcod topped off the day.

October 29th - What a day! Great whale show on the way to the fishing grounds and even more whales (we had to drive around them) on the way back home. Nice limits of vermillion, olive, black and blue rockcod for all plus crew fish. Water was flat and the sun was out all day. Perfect.

October 22nd - Boys have at it! Smacked the blues today and had quite a few BIG lingcod tug-o-wars (hookups). Limits of blues, red, olives for all plus crew and a couple take home lingcod.

October 18th - Wonderful flat water today and great fishing too! Nice lingcod in the box and several that came un-buttoned. Also BIG vermillion and BIG blues and BIG black limits for all plus crew limit. A little bit of a whale show to boot.

October 16th - Back on the water after a couple weeks of vacaton and it was great. Limits for all of BIG vermillion and blacks and several BIG lingcod hookups.

October 1st - Very nice fishing day today but still have a ground swell which kept us from getting full limits again. Lost a couple nice lings too!

September 28th - BIG south swell going on right now and the slow fish bite shows it. Only a couple limits today but a few BIG lingcod takedowns.

September 24th - Great fishing today with limits plus crew limit of BIG blues, blacks and olive rockcod. Hooked 4 lingcod and kept 2.

September 21st - Smack down! Black, blue, olive rockcod limits for all plus 8 nice lingcod to 14 pounds to go home with. Had another 5 either on the hook or were put back in to grow. Wide open lingcod fishing today.

September 20th - Nice Summer day on the bay and five+ limits of BIG vermillion, blacks, blues and olive rockcod, two nice keeper lingcod and an 8 pound cabezon.

September 19th - Great day on the water and lot's of BIG blues and blacks and a couple keeper lingcod, another big one that got away and a few shorties.

September 18th - Perfect day for Lingcod and rockcod fishing. Started out a little slow then we got into the fish big time! Hooked into a dozen lingcod to 15 pounds of which 7 were keepers. About 5 more followed our rockcod to the surface too. The Lingcod spawn is on! Limits of nice black, blue, olive, china, black & yellow rockcod too plus crew fish.

September 17th - Perfect day for a salmon trip and we found bait and fish within a half an hour. As expected, fish were not big but we did manage to get two in the box which was unexpected. Lost another bigger one (of course) at the net while competing with a sealion.

September 16th - Started out a bit bumpy water and overcast and ended bright, sunny and some wind with nice quality rockcod limits for all plus crew fish. Lost a couple BIG something or others.

September 12th - Doesn't get much better than this. Wonderful flat calm water and clear and warm day and limits of BIG blacks, BIG blues, lingcod and vermillion for all plus crew.

September 11th - Very nice fishing today with a great crew of Air Force Veterans and their families. We got into the rockcod big time and limits of olive, blacks, bles and vermillion for all plus crew fish.

September 10th - Water was bumpy in the morning but our troopers pulled through and got limits and crew fish of nice olives, blues and blacks.

September 7th - Much better! Nice rockcod bite today with limits for all and crew with vermillion to 5 pounds.

September 5th - Nice and flat calm water today till around noon when the winds came up. Got into the rockcod with near limits for all and another nice lingcod. South swell has really chewed up the nearshore so fishing is a bit more effort than usual.

September 4th - Finally the south swell is disapating but the fish are still a bit skitish. Took all morning but around noon the bite went wide open and we managed limits plus crew fish of nice blacks, blues, olives and vermillion rockcod to 6 pounds and a nice FAT lingcod too. Great time, great people and the water was perfect!

September 3rd - Southerly swell still here and is easing up. The fish are still playing hard to catch but we did manage some nice olives, browns, blues and a beautiful king salmon! The water where we fish rockcod and lingcod is looking like it's holding a lot of salmon (birds, dolphines, water color, etc).

September 2nd - Big southerly swell still here and the fish aren't very happy about it. We got out and worked real hard and managed over half limits of rockcod for all. Great group and real troopers. Swell is supposed to start subsiding tonight.

September 1st - Big southerly swell canceled our trip today. Supposed to start coming down tomorrow. Hopefully we can get out tomorrow.

August 31st - You know when you have one of those days... today was it. South swell is here and it is a bit lumpy. Did manage some nice quality rockcod and two salmon to 15 pounds.

August 29th - Sunny, in the 70's and limits of quality rockcod for all! And a few shaker lingcod too.

August 28th - Beautiful day on the water today and nice steady catching of BIG browns, olives, and nice vermillion. Shaker lingcod and salmon too.

August 27th - Wow. BIGGEST Vermillion of the year and 11 of them all over 3 pounds biggest being an 9 pound monster. Wait, there's more... Nice 16 pound halibut and shaker lings. Great fun today.

August 21st - Great SLAM'in with limits of BIG blues and rockcod and 4 keeper lings.

August 20th - BIG blues, BIG olives and BIG vermillion today with limits for all and crew. A couple drive-by halibut... one was BIG.

August 19th - Another great day of wild fishing with BIG blues and rockcod limits for all and crew and a nice keeper ling. Lost one nice halibut hookup.

August 18th - Beautiful day on the water today and crazy catching of limits for all plus crew of blues, olives, browns, coppers and vermillion to 7 pounds within the fist couple hours! Then on to the halibut grounds for a couple small lingcod and no-show halibut.

August 15th - Great fishing today! Lingcod and eight limits of rockcod with vermillion, BIG blues, olives and browns. Water was flat calm and a lot of fun.

August 14th - Water was a little lumpy today but we managed limits of rockcod for five including 6 pound vermillion!

August 13th - BIG browns and nice vermillion, blues, olive rockcod today with limits for all plus crew. A few shaker lingcod too.

August 12th - And the fishing continues to be grand. Rockcod limits for all plus crew limits and nice lingcod.

August 11th - Bang! Two nice halibut, rockcod limits for all and crew with Vermillion to 7 pounds.

August 10th - Another banner day with rockcod limits for all plus crew limits and lingcod. Had a couple nice halibut take downs too.

August 9th - Sweet!!! Halibut, lingcod and limits plus crew rockcod with Vermilion to six pounds!

August 6th - Perfect flat calm water with sunshine and limits of rockcod for all plus crew.

August 5th - Rockcod limits plus crew fish with vermillion to seven pounds!

August 1st - Nice BIG rockcod today and perfect flat calm water too!

July 31st - Happy Birthday Keoki! Great group today and great fishing too! Rockcod limits for all and crew with vermillion to six pounds.

July 30th - Beautiful day on the water and limits of rockcod for all with a few BIG reds to boot and a lingcod.

July 29th - Flat calm water and great rockcod fishing today with BIG vermillions and limits of fish for everyone plus crew fish.

July 28th - Perfect water and weather today and limits of rockcod for all and crew. Nice BIG lingcod too.

July 27th - NICE!!! Halibut, lingcod and limits of rockcod. LOT'S OF FISH TODAY.

July 25th - Gorgeous fishing day and limits for all plus crew of rockcod with vermillion to 4 pounds.

July 24th - Perfect day on the water today and limits of rockcod plus crew fish and lingcod to boot.

July 23rd - Lings, lings and more lings. Pretty good lingcod bite today and limits of rockcod for all plus crew.

July 22nd - Hard work again today but we did manage full rockcod limits plus crew fish with vermillion to 4 pounds.

July 21st - Weather turned again and the seas were not kind. Our troopers worked fast and hard and managed 5 limits of quality rockcod.

July 18th - Flat and calm again and great group of people. Brought home limits of rockcod plus crew fish and a lingcod and halibut.

July 17th - Very nice. Flat calm water all day and limits of rockcod plus crew fish including a BIG 7 pound vermillion.

July 16th - Perfect weather. Great group of guys. Lots of rockcod. Limits for all plus crew fish.

July 15th - Beautiful day on the water today and limits for all of nice rockcod plus crew fish and two nice keeper lingcod.

July 13th - Hmmm, uglier weather but bigger fish! Limits for all plus crew of rockfish. Winds were pretty big today.

July 12th - Little lump from the south swell but we got our limits for all plus crew fish and a nice keeper ling.

July 11th - Nice weather but the big south swell is still around and made things a bit more challenging. We did manage more than half limits for all plus a nice keeper lingcod.

July 10th - Rough water today and a south swell but that didn't keep our guys from hammering out a few limits of rockcod and three nice keeper lingcod then headed in for the halibut drift with one take-down.

July 9th - No skiing today, rough water at first and south swell killed the bite! Got a couple nice keeper lingcod and a couple limits of rockcod.

July 8th - You could ski on the water today and it stayed overcast all day too making it a nice cool 70 degree fishing with no breeze. Nailed the rockcod today with limits for all plus crew fish and a nice fat lingcod too.

July 7th - Gorgeous day today. Early limits of rockcod for all plus crew limits again and two nice lingcod!

July 5th - Lots of fog today which kept the water nice and flat. Early limits of rockcod for all plus crew limits! Also came home with two nice lingcod.

July 4th - Happy Fourth of July! Great day on the water and limits of rockcod plus crew fish. AND... lingcod and halibut too. Lost a seriously big halibut under the boat. Bigger than the one yesterday.

July 3rd - Another perfect day on the water and almost limits of rockcod for all plus a nice lingcod and lost a couple nice, one really nice, halibut.

July 2nd - Weather was less than perfect but we worked through it and everyone caught limits of rockcod plus crew fish plus a nice lingcod.

July 1st - Wow. Two nice halibut, a lingcod and limits for everyone and crew fish. Perfect weather and perfect water.

June 28th - Great fishing today with flat calm seas and no wind. Put in limits of rockcod plus crew fish and nice lingcod.

June 27th - Perfect weather and perfect fishing today. Limits plus crew fish of nice olives, blacks and vermillions and a nice keeper lingcod.

June 26th - Tried for salmon but nothing showed up so we switched over to rockcod for our final hours and were able to get some nice BIG olives and vermillions and a nice 15 pound lingcod to boot. We got lucky.

June 25th - Great day on the rockfish grounds today. We slayed em good. Limits for all plus crew limits with Vermillion to 5 pounds. South swell was in but that didn't hamper us too much... Nice take-home halibut too.

June 24th - Salmon schools still haven't been found but we did have two nice hookups and one was BIG.

June 21st - Everyone's looking for the salmon again. Hooked into some kings and cohos again today and came home with one king.

June 20th - Hooked into about 8 coho salmon and a few BIG kings that got away.

June 19th - Happy Fathers Day! Great day on the water with limits of rockcod for all plus crew fish.

June 18th - Perfect day for salmon fishing. Whales everywhere, water was flat calm. Nice salmon to 20 pounds and lost a couple bigger ones.

June 17th - Perfect day on the water for salmon fishing. Lots of whales and lots of salmon! We brought home 4 nice kings to 20 pounds and lost a couple that were bigger (of course).

June 16th - The three of us crew ventured out to the salmon grounds to see if the rumors were true about the salmon showing up. Rumors were true and we did good! We planned on one fish each. We got our fish early and although we only needed one more for our fish limits, we hooked up and landed a double. We were done by 9am then headed home.

June 15th - South swell hit us again and our rockfish and halibut catching was less than stellar. BIG salmon started showing up yesterday and these fish are REAL BIG. Want to catch a 25-35 pounder? Better get on the boat.

June 13th - This is what fishing's all about. GREAT DAY of catching. Rockcod limits AND lingcod limits and a halibut with perfect weather.

June 12th - Very nice day on the water today and great fishing too. Rockcod limits for all plus crew fish including BIG vermillion and a couple nice keeper lingcod.

June 11th - Limits of rockcod for all plus crew fish including keeper lingcod!

June 9th - And it keeps going good! Full rockcod limits plus crew limits of nice rockfish. Great day on the bay.

June 8th - Very nice day and catching today. Limits plus crew limits of rockfish, a couple lingcod to 33 inches and flat calm weather.

June 7th - The storm has passed and we're back on the water. Rockcod limits then onto the halibut grounds but the water is still chewed up a bit from the storm and we didn't see any halibut caught.

June 3rd - Flat and calm water all day long. Really nice fishing and rockcod limits for all plus crew fish. Heard some salmon found today.

June 2nd - Very nice day on the water and lots of rockcod today. Limits all around again plus crew fish.

May 29th - Very nice day on the water and lots of rockcod today. Limits all around plus crew fish and got some time on the halibut grounds.

May 28th - Pretty nice day on the water and pretty nice catching too! Lots of rockcod, lingcod action and one keeper halibut to go home.

May 27th - Tried for salmon first then after 4 hours of no action went to the rockfish grounds and then the halibut grounds. Not a lot of fish today but we sure did have fun. Happy Birthday Warren! And Warren did catch the jackpot fish of the day, a blue lingcod!

May 26th - Starting out a new week for salmon and rockfish. Salmon are still holding offshore and should be in soon. We actually jigged up some sardines today for halibut bait. The bay is starting to turn over which is way overdue. Rockcod was so-so today with no real size and our halibut drift was interrupted after an hour with high winds gusting to 42mph. C'mon Summer!

May 21st - The south swell is still here and our rockcod catching was even less than yesterday. The swell was coming down but I think we still need a couple days of settling before the bite turns back on.

May 20th - The south swell is still here and our catching was less than wonderful. Not a lot of rockcod today and no size to boot. Salmon fishing is still pretty flat too (but they're coming!).

May 19th - Better weather and more fish catching today. Still have a nasty south swell which makes catching tougher but we did manage limits of rockcod for everyone albeit they were on the smallish size with a few excpetions including 5 pound vermillion!

May 18th - Weather was a factor today but we did get in some nice rockcod and a nice keeper lingcod. The storm's supposed to wrap up tonight.

May 15th - GREAT!!! Halibut and rockcod galore including a 21 pound halibut. Great time.

May 14th - A little goofy water today with a small storm approaching tonight. We did manage to get full rockcod limits with vermillion (red snapper) to 5 pounds and a few shaker (small) lingcod that we let back to grow.

May 13th - Great day fishing and nice weather all morning. Limits of rockfish for six plus a nice BIG lingcod.

May 11th - Nice day and nice limits for everyone plus crew fish including vermillion to 4 pounds! Water and wind were picture perfect.

May 10th - Even though we got off to a late start we managed to get a lot of nice vermillion and browns. Water was pretty tame through the mornng then things got a bit windy and we came in.

May 7th - The winds were up early and we got on the water late. Not much fish today but what we did catch also included a 5 foot Wolf Eel! Great eating... I'm told. Not the prettiest fish we've caught but definately the most interesting.

May 6th - Rockcod galore today with better than half, 25 in fact, of the catch in BIG reds (vermillion). Great time and the water was pretty nice throughout the day.

May 5th - Lots of NICE QUALITY rockcod today including BIG reds and browns and a couple visits of lingcod that were too short to keep (lingcod size limit regs are supposed to change this month). Water temp too cold for the bait and salmon to come back into the bay. It's getting warmer so possibly tomorrow we'll get a shot at salmon.

May 1st - Finally the weather is returning back to fishable. Fish got scattered so we spent the day motoring around. Lost a nice 18 pounder at the boat and let go a couple of shorties. Water temp too cold.

April 30th - Windy at first then it laid down pretty good but the fish are scattered from all the winds this week. Bait is a bit scarce due to the colder water. Hopefully the winds will ease up after today and we can get back in the saddle and get some nice big fish in the boat.

April 24th - Nice and windy today with a little spinkle and 4 nice salmon for 3 including a BIG 30 pounder. Also lost a couple and let a few shorties go back to grow. Happy Easter!

April 23rd - Smack down! Perfect weather, people and fishing! Came home with 8 nice salmon and fought fish throughout the day. Lost a couple big ones at the boat and played with a few shakers. And, we had a banana aboard too!

April 22nd - Nice weather and nice people to fish with too! Lots of hookups today, about 10 shakers (too small to keep) and a few big ones that got away and brought home 5 nice Kings to boot.

April 21st - Great group today but not so great weather. We had to work around the shallows until we got a window to head to our regular grounds. Spent about an hour in our favorite spot and had a few shakers and one nice 16 pound King to take home.

April 17th - Had to happen. Bust. The fish are here and we ran over them.

April 16th - And its getting even better! Hooked into a lot of fish today including 4 doubles! 5 nice fish to take home today and busted off at least 4 BIG fish. The fish are hot and jumping out of the water. Best water day yet.

April 15th - Very nice indeed. Lost a few in the process but did manage to get 5 quality salmon to take home. The water and weather were perfect. Water's warming up so things might be getting even better real soon.

April 14th - That's the way we do it! Fished same area but all the way down to 270 feet and we got into some really nice fish! Brought home 7 nice keepers to 30 pounds and lost three during the fight. Water was flat calm and sunny! No less than wonderful.

April 12th - Just when we were on a roll... water sure has changed. Bait and fish went quiet again. We have a day or two of winds then we're supposed to get back to normal.

April 11th - Very nice day on the water today and fun fun people too. And after 7 hookups with big fish managed to bring 4 into the boat to 16+ pounds.

April 9th - Started out as a great day on the water then the wind came up something fierce! Ran us all off the water but we did manage to come home with a very nice king.

April 5th - MUCH BETTER! The bigger fish have moved in and the bite is wide open. We had limits by 10AM! Big fish too. 16 pound average! The weather and sea conditions were super!

April 3rd - Unfortunately our fishing was at the wrong place and at the wrong time! We had multiple hookups today, one monster, but no fish home. Whales may be starting to show up now.

April 2nd - Our first salmon trip of the year was a lot of fun with over 15 hookups of which six got in the boat! Unfortunately all but one were too small to keep. The weather and sea conditions are supposed to be better tomorrow so we will try another area where we hear the fish are bigger. Stay tuned!

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