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** 2009 ** Fishing Report

Click here to see Josh's Youtube video. This kid is truly talented!

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November 13 - Beautiful day on the water. Humback whale came right to the boat. Nice BIG blacks and 4 lingcod of which one was a nice BIG keeper.

November 11 - Got some nice blacks, browns and a couple NICE keeper lingcod and a few that we returned to grow. Happy Veterans Day everybody (I did US Navy 1973-1977 GO NAVY!) and thank you all for supporting your veterans, they sacraficed a lot so everyone could benefit. Today we had Kevin on board who got back from Iraq just three weeks ago and is now a veteran. Yes, Kevin got a nice lingcod today too!

November 3 - Hey hey! What a day! Slow rockcod but pretty wild lingcod bite. 6 lingcod on the line, 3 nice keepers, 2 too short and the BIG one that got away. Wonderful day. Water was flat calm all day and a nice 70 degrees out.

November 1 - Way good day - weather and fishing. Half dozen NICE vermillions, lots of blacks, grasscod, and three lingcod hookups which we kept one NICE one.

October 31 - Very nice day on the water today. Fishing was a little bit slow but we did manage to catch some blacks, black & yellow, olive rockcod plus 3 lingcod of which one was a nice keeper. Something big surfaced by the boat...

October 26 - Mucho better! 11 lings hooked up and 3 nice keepers! And some nice vermillion, blacks and blue rockcod. Great day on the water.

October 25 - Again no big numbers today but we did have a lot of fun and along with the rockcod we had 4 lingcod hookups and 2 were nice keepers. Water was perfect!

October 24 - Well, no big numbers today either. Just a few blues and blacks. Water's still churned up from the South swell. But... we had a lot of fun!

October 18 - But it didn't last. Water was a problem today and we only caught some BIG blacks and grass cod. No keeper lingcod but 2 very interesting and spectacular hookups that spooled us.

October 17 - MUCH BETTER! Hooked into 7 lingcod and kept 2. Nice, albeit small, assortment of BIG grass and black rockcod and a couple other species. Great day on the water, great group to fish with. South swell B-Gone and the ocean's waking back up from the storm.

October 16 - Maybe tomorrow will be better. We tried everywhere today but the aftermath from the storm is still taking its toll. South swell + East wind + tore up after storm water = one keeper.

October 12 - The storm coming in has caused a south swell and as we all know... when it's from the south the fish shut their mouth. But, we did manage to hookup three lingcod of which all were too short to keep and about a dozen blues, which we kept!

October 11 - And again... Great time! Over 14 lingcod boated and 4 nice keepers to take home. Limits of nice big blacks, olives and brown rockcod too. Water was flat calm all day.

October 10 - Now that was FUN!!! Slammed into the lingcod today. 4 keepers and 15 that had to go back and grow some more... wild. Add another 50 or so NICE blues, olives, vermillions and black rockcod and you got a party. Weather was real nice and a little on the cool side.

October 9 - Great day on the water today. A few dozen BIG blacks, olives and a few blue rockcod. Five lingcod of which we got to keep one nice one.

October 8 - With only a three hour afternoon tour we headed out at 3:30PM we weren't sure what to expect. What we got was some of the nicest fish we'd seen for a while including a few lingcod of which we kept one. How about a 19+ inch olive... It was a monster! We cooked up some live shrimp just before departure (Thank you Pacific Rose) and snacked on the way out and during fishing and... used it for bait too. GREAT TIME as usual with Lance and the boys. Josh will be updating his video soon with Kirin's big fish.

October 3 - NICE DAY fishing today. Wind was a bit more than usual but the fish didn't seem to mind. Hooked 4 lingcod and kept one big on and had a nice assortment of black and blue rockcod.

October 2 - BAMM! Water was a little bumpy to start but the fish didn't seem to mind. 6 really nice keeper lingcod and 7 smaller lings that we had to return to grow. Add another few dozen blacks, blues, vermillion, grass, and quillback rockcod and you got the makin's for a real nice day of fishing.

September 27 - WOW! Great day today with more than 12 lingcod landed of which we kept two and caught a few dozen blues, blacks and brown rockcod too. Wonderful water too. No fog and a nice 68-72 degrees most of the day. The weather is supposed to be perfect all week.

September 26 - Late start... Wish it was better catching but we had a blast anyway. Only quarter limits of browns, black, blues and copper rockcod and a couple lingcod that were too short to keep.

September 20 - Nice day on the water and we got into some rockcod including vermillion, olives, blacks, blues and browns. Nice 11 pound lingcod keeper and 5 that had to be let go to grow.

September 19 - OK, things are shaping up. Still have a swell to wrestle with but at least we got into olives, vermillion, blacks, blues and brown rockcod keepers. Had to let 5 short lingcod back to grow. Lots of fun.

September 12 - Still having the South swell which really killed the bite. Hopefully the Southly swell will dissipate within the next couple days.

September 7 - Things can sure change fast. South swell is back and the bite's off again for another day or two. We did get some nice big black rockcod but no halibut and no keeper lingcod.

September 4 - Fun fun and just a little bit more fun. Nice day on the water and a cool 61 degrees to start off the day. Got into some wild action when the winds came up and 4 rods went off with lingcod and rockcod hits. Nice keeper ling and a very nice variety of rockcod.

September 2 - Beautiful day on the water today and nice catching too! More than half limits of big rockcod for everyone including a nice big lingcod, big vermillion and four smaller lings that we let go. Missed a couple halibut but next time...

August 31 - Now we're talking. Really nice day and nice people. Limits of rockcod including some really big blacks and one keeper lingcod. Hopefully fishing will stay this way for a while.

August 30 - Still south swell but coming down. Today we fished hard for 3 limts of mixed rockcod and one keeper lingcod. The rockcod were on the small side. Come on west swell! Look for much better scores starting tomorrow.

August 29 - Still have our south swell and the fish aren't biting. Pretty fun day on the water but the catching was slow. According to NOAA the south swell is now over!

August 25 - South swell - bit slow on the bite. Six undersized lingcod that had to go back to grow and more than half limits of rockcod including browns, blues, a couple vermillion to 5 pounds and about a dozen olives!

August 23 - South swell again and again slow catching but still a lot of fun. Released 8 undersized lingcod and brought home a good assortment of rockcod including vermillions and a few 4+ pound brown rockcod.

August 22 - South swell again and as they say, if it's coming from the south the fish shut their mouth. Today was no different. Only some rockcod and some too small to keep lingcod. But heck, that's fishing. Still better than working.

August 21 - Very nice! Water was flat calm and a bit foggy but real nice fishing and we got a BIG 21 pound halibut, 10+ pound lingcod and an assortment of nice rockcod. Great group!

August 20 - The south swell is still hanging around so the bite's a little slower than usual. Nice assortment of brown, china and black rockcod and a few lingcod of which one was a nice big keeper. Great day on the water and a great family to fish with.

August 19 - Oh no. Almost a bust! Just half limits for all and a really nice lingcod. Lot of bigger fish broken off and not really any big rockcod like we've seen for the past several days.

August 18 - WAM! Guess what, the 5 pound vermillion we had a couple days ago had relatives! We got into the fish big time today with limits for all including crew. Great day on flat calm water. Great team too.

August 16 - Sweetness. Good mix of rockcod and a nice big lingcod including a 5 pound vermillion!

August 15 - OK now. Bit slow start then the rockcod bite went wide open. After 3 limits of rockcod and a keeper lingcod we decided to head inside for halibut. Got a nice 10 pound halibut in the box and missed a triple hookup!

August 13 - BAM! Got into the big black rockcod big time then it got a little slow then we got into another big bite including 4 lingcod of which one we got to keep. Great day and limits for all including the crew!

August 12 - Beautiful water today. And the fish bite was on! Nice limits of vermillion and olives and a nice keeper lingcod and another 4 lings that had to be tossed back to grow. Great time.

August 11 - NICE day on the water today. Great group too! 8 vermillion rockcod to 5 pounds with a couple dozen other really nice rockcod and two keeper lingcod. And, some smaller lingcod that we had to put back to grow a bit.

August 10 - Much better! couple limits of rockcod including BIG vermillion and 3 keeper lingcod and a few that had to go back to grow. Water's getting better!

August 9 - Alright! 14+ pound halibut, lingcod and rockcod all on the same trip! Beautiful day on the bay. Lot's of fun.

August 8 - Nice day on the water today and a great group to fish with! One keeper lingcod and 5 too short. A couple limits of rockcod and something really big that we never got to see but kept us busy for about 10 minutes. South swell still lingering.

August 7 - Things are starting to shape up with the south swell going away. We missed a nice halibut today but did manage 4 limits of rockcod and 4 too small lingcod. Weather was great all day.

August 6 - YES! Fish are getting back on the bite. Small south swell today with little wind early lot a wind late. Nice 20 pound halibut, a couple nice keeper lingcod and few that got returned to grow and a nice assortment of rockcod. GREAT Day and a GREAT GROUP.

August 4 - Not so good again. South swell was smaller and seems to finally be leaving the bay but we only ended up with two really nice lingcod and a few rock cod. Also had a few undersized lingcod that we had to let go.

August 3 - Quite a weird day on the bay. Started out almost raining with zero wind then got clear as a bell and 20+ mph winds. And, the South swell is still here. The fishing was very slow today but we did manage to keep a nice lingcod.

August 2 - Fishing was really good today but the catching was'nt. Great water, air temp was perfect but... we had some south swell which we all know kills the bite. Thanks to Lauren for getting the bite going! Everyone's going home with fish.

August 1 - Another beautiful day on the water. Nice rockcod and a few lingcod which all but one were returned to grow another day. Wonderful people.

July 31 - What a nice day on the bay. But... the fish were a bit shy today. Only a couple limits of rockcod. Great group of guys.

July 30 - Very nice!!! Nice halibut, two keeper lingcod and a bunch of BIG blacks and brown rockcod and a few fish that got returned to grow another day. Wonderful fishing weather too.

July 29 - OK, things are looking good again. Hooked into 7 lingcod and kept 1, a couple limits of BIG brown rockcod too. Nice day on the water.

July 25 - Let's be frank... lousy fishing today. BIG SWELL again and the water was stirred up so much the fish couldn't see the bait. Swells are supposed to come down beginning Tuesday which will clear up the water so we can catch again.

July 24 - Well... water wasn't so nice today. BIG south swell and not many fish caught.

July 23 - This is gonna be hard to beat... two BIG halibut to 22 pounds (other was 19 pounds) and 4 limits of BIG brown rockcod and 3 lingcod that were too small to keep. Water was absolutely flat, calm, 69 degrees and sunny. Great day!

July 22 - Got nice limits of browns and assortment of other rockcod. Lots of lingcod just undersized and all released back to grow another day.

July 19 - Some nice rockcod and 3 keeper lingcod. Great day on the water and Matt and Cort did a great job bringing in the fish.

July 18 - Sure beats sitting at home in 106 heat. Nice halibut and an assortment of nice rockcod. Great group. Happy Birthday Chris!

July 17 - Really nice day but just a little chilly most of the morning. Real nice browns and black rockcod again. Great time.

July 16 - That's better. 4+ limits of really nice big blacks and browns for 5 people. A wee bit windy.

July 13 - Not so good. Things can sure change fast. We've been on a roll until today. We could only get 1/2 limits for everyone today and no halibut or threshers. Water warmed up to 62 degrees but the barometer dropped enough to kill the bite we've been enjoing so much. The air pressure drop is attributed to Hurricane Carlos. Expect good fishing this coming Thursday and on.

July 12 - SWEEEEEET! Nice 22+ pound halibut and get this, the bigger one got away. Nice keeper lingcod and a few that we put back to grow and limits of BIG blues and brown rockcod. SWEEEEET!

July 11 - Great fishing and a really nice day on the water. Started out slow but ended up with limits of nice big browns and blacks.

July 10 - Doesn't get any better than this. A thresher shark, a halibut AND limits of rockcod and perfect weather. Great crew. Couldn't ask for anything more.

July 9 - Very nice day on the bay. Limits of BIG rock cod including 3-4 pound olives and vermillions. Great weather and a great group.

July 8 - SMACK! Nice big thresher shark took one of our rockcod rigs and ran the reel down to the end. Tried getting him back after about 5 minute fight but it broke off. LOT'S OF NICE QUALITY rockcod including olives and vermillions and a nice keeper blue lingcod. Great weather, flat calm till it was time to come home. Crew got their limits too.

July 6 - OK, so we're not perfect. We had a bunch of sardine cannery boats come through for the past two days and all but wiped out the sardines in our fishing area. Their season opened July 1st. Only 2 of the 8 boats remain and they'll probably leave tomorrow. We did get into the fish once the weather started stirring up the water. Really nice size blacks and browns.

July 5 - Way to go Takeshi! Hooked up 6 lingcod up to 14 pounds. Way to go my man. Great day. No halibut but they're out there. Nice rockcod with 3 keeper lingcod. Had a shark chasing our bait and a fish trap.

July 3 - Great day on the water today. Some really nice blacks and brown rockcod. Lost nice halibut and lingcod and let some short ones go too. Chased down a 200 pound thresher but lost sight of it just as we got our bait rig in the water.

June 30 - Hmmmm. Water got cold and the south swell came in. Was tough fishing but we got our limits. Tried for halibut for about an hour but nothing to report. Flat water and no wind today but a cool 65 degrees most of the day.

June 29 - WAM!!! Pretty much non-stop fishing madness today with some secret weapon lures! Limits for all and limits for crew.

June 28 - Oh no... no halibut this trip. Well, how about over 100 pounds of pristine and BIG rockcod including a 4 pound vermillion! Great group. Great time. Great weather.

June 27 - HALIBUT HALIBUT!!! Real hard fishing again but thanks to 8 year-old Dyllan we got our halibut and some really nice brown rock cod and some vermillions.

June 26 - Can you say HALIBUT ON! Oh yeah, the halis are in town. Tough fishing today (bumpy) but we toughed it out and did real good filling up the box with nice brown rockcod and a nice fat halibut!

June 21 - BINGO! Halibut, Lingcod and rock cod. What a great Father's Day! Everyone had a great time and we finally got our first trifecta of the season! Wow!

June 19 - We scored big time. Weather was supposed to be blowing but we gave it a go anyway and turned out the water was mostly flat calm all day! We got into the olives and browns big time! Lots of dolphin, whale, sealion and otters all around the boat today. Great time!

June 15 - Fun fun and more fun. Great day on the water. Full limits plus a nice lingcod and a whale show around the boat. Lots of lingcod take downs. Great time and a great group.

June 14 - Much better today. Got some really nice fish today to 4.5 pounds. Couple halibut take downs and a short lingcod too. Great day on the bay. Happy birthday Shirley!

June 13 - Not so good today. We had both the south swell and the south winds which as they say "from the south, fish shut their mouth" syndrome today. It was tough but we did manage to get half limits.

June 11 - Smack down! Even with high winds and a south swell we came through with limits for all and crew limit to boot! Thanks to 11 year old Grant for hauling in most of the fish today. Way to go Grant!

June 7 - Water temps getting warmer which is great news but the bite is still low due to the southerly winds and swell. No live bait today. We spent an hour or so trying for halibut then went to the rockcod grounds with not much success. Then came back to the hali grounds and started whacking the brown rockcod and missed a couple halibuts. Good group and they toughed out the high winds to 22 mph!

June 6 - Water was better and the winds were low for most of the day. Fish were still a little spooked so we tried halibut for an hour or so then ran out to our rockcod grounds. Started a slow bite then things went wide open. Did real good for a couple hours then the bite went cold again. Came back in for another shot at halibut and got lots of strikes but they were all no shows. Came in with half limits including a BIG vermillion and lots of browns. We used both live and dead bait today. Great day.

June 5 - Expecting bad seas and thunderstorms we headed out with a full boat of Air Force men to see what we could scare up before it got too nasty. It was slow going due to the south swell and seas until later in the morning when the wind switched west. We got almost 1/2 limits for all and one "almost right" halibut that we carefully put back to grow another inch. Also caught and released a number of lingcod to grow up for another day. Great bunch of boys and sunny all day. Thanks men.

June 4 - Weather forecast called for scattered showers and thunderstorms so we weren't expecting too much action. The winds were whacky coming from the east, then the south and eventually from the west but reached 20 mph. So to make a long story short, we could have done better than the 1/2 limits for all. We had a lot of fun and good food but we didn't get any lingcod or halibut. Next time.

May 30 - Nice day on the water today. Not much wind, no swell, warm temps and a lot of nice olive rock cod. Pace slowed down after a while then we came in for a shot at halibut and scored another 20 rock cod (browns) and three keeper lingcod! Lot's of fun and rockcod limits!

May 26 - Started out with really calm water and wind. Nice for people but not for fishing. Fish like it a little mixed up. Took a few hours then we got into the brown rock cod big time. Happy Birthday Angie was hot today with a lingcod, a double olive hookup and the first two keepers in the box. Lots of fish and lots of fun once the fish started biting.

May 25 - Hey hey, great day on the bay. Dropped in on one of our local spots and started hauling in the perfect size olives and big canaries (canaries returned to the water). Hooked into a couple short lingcod. One we got to measure and the other was a no show. Great mix of browns and olives and a really great fishing dad and sons. Josh and Kirin did a top job running the gear.

May 24 - WOW! Limits by 9:00AM! Nice olives and browns and a real nice keeper lingcod again! Great trip. Bit windy but very fishable. Spent a couple hours drifting for halibut and hooked and lost two but did get another 8 brown rockcod in the process. Got crew limit too!

May 23 - OK, that's better. We actually started getting into the fish in a big way. A few limits and a lingcod to boot. Water was warmer (54.8) than yesterday and the fish were more active.

May 22 - Fishing was a little difficult with the 53 degree cold water still around. Water was flat calm all day. The blues we caught were the biggest we've ever seen. And, today was the first day in 3 weeks we got to use live bait. Great crew of men from the US AirForce.

May 19 - Not good again! Had a lot of fun but only half limits. Wind came up early and the water is still cold but it did warm up to 58. Next few days should warm up the water to 59/60 and the fish will be back on the bite.

May 18 - Not good! Half limits due to the water getting colder over the past few days.

May 10 - Bingo! Great day on the Bay today. Limits of NICE rockcod including a couple vermillions!

May 9 - Yes! Water is now 59 degrees and the fish are on the bite. Weather was still a bit goofy in the morning then it got real nice with a little wind. We managed 3/4 limits for all plus a nice UGLY lingcod.

May 8 - Now we're talking. Water temp 58 degrees with a bit of a swell bump. Fish were starting to bite for the season. We had some really nice fish today including some 5 pound grass cod. Great day and great people.

May 3 - Happy Birthday Bill. Water was pretty ugly again and it rained all morning. Not much fish to be had but the water was warming up. Next week should be good!

May 2 - Water was less than perfect and unfortunately we got our trip cut short.

May 1 - We had around 20 fish for three people including this mean ugly lingcod. Great time!

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