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** 2008 ** Fishing Report

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October 18 - Wonderful day on the bay today with whales all around, birds, dolphins and we got to keep 2 of the 7 lingcod we hooked and limits of real nice rockcod for everyone plus crew. Rockcod & lingcod season is almost over so if you're thinking about fishing this year you better jump on it.

October 15 - Great day on the water and got into the lingcod bigtime! Hooked 8 lings and brought home one.

September 21 - I got to fish in the 6th Annual Who's Your Daddy Sportfishing's Lingcod Tournament. It was great to fish on a boat and not have to play skipper for a change. I had the honor, and pleasure I might add, to fish on the Velocity party boat of Stagnaro's Fishing. The crew was absolutely top notch and the skipper stayed out of our way the whole day! The weather was great and... I got 2nd place with my 19 pound Lingcod! The final tally and a much better story will be coming out in the next issue of the Fish Sniffer. I believe there were six boats total and about 125 people fishing. It was a great fundraiser and I will definately be in there again next year. I'm on a mission! I "might" enter the MEGA-BITE into next year's tournament but we all know that if I do enter my boat I'll have a distinct advantage and MEGA-BITE's gonna look sketchy if it wins 1st, 2nd and 3rd all on the same boat! 1st place went to some guy on the Becky Ann. 2nd AND 3rd place went to us guys on the Velocity and the winning boat with the most pounds of their top six lingcod went to... Velocity! This tournament is a fundraiser for the Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project and is hosted by Walter and his gang at Who's Your Daddy Sportfishing. Good job everyone!

September 6 - Wonderful day on the bay. Got on to the fishing grounds in about 15 minutes and the girls turned it on right away. After a flurry of fishing (the boys got two, the girls got about a dozen NICE fish) the bite went quiet then an hour+ later it went wide open again this time everyone got into the action. Lots of nice fish and limits for everyone.

September 5 - Great day on the bay with a lot of dolphin action. Got nice BIG olives and blacks once the fish bite turned on. Limits for all and looking forward to fishing the same hole tomorrow. We have 2 seats available for this coming Saturday and 6 seats available for Sunday.

August 31 - Things can sure change in a day. The weather turned on us and made fishing very difficult and spotty. Lots of fish on the meter but not a lot of fish biting. We had some pro fishermen on board but still couldn't get the fish to go on a big bite. We came home with a couple limits of rockfish and a big goose egg on the halibut. We have openings throughout the next couple weeks so come on down and have some fun on the MEGA-BITE!

August 30 - BIG halibut. Nice lingcod and a load of BIG olives mixed with blues and blacks. Fantastic day on the bay to celebrate Nate's birthday. We had a blast. Yep, birthday boy caught the halibut in the picture.

August 29 - Great day on the Bay with the boys. Started out a little spotty then after an hour the bite went wide open. Limits for everyone with a real nice load of BIG olives and Blacks and Blues. Only one shaker (little) lingcod for the day.

August 22 - Had a wonderful fishing day with "the boys". Water and wind were a little bumpy which seemed to make only the biggest and baddest fish bite. We had limits of jumbo blacks and olives.

August 19 - Started out the day with zero wind and flat seas. Right away got a big lingcod then doubled up on olives and balcks. Couple more drifts and the fishing was red hot. A couple whales headed toward our area and we had a great whale show then when we resumed fishing the fish stopped biting. Never got back into the big bite again but the crew went home with a couple real nice lingcod and lots of nice rockcod.

August 17 - Flat calm water and wind all day. This made catching a little slower than we're used to. But we did get limits and a couple real nice vermillion too. The whale show seemed to go on for about an hour. Big humback whales coming clear out of the water. Quite a site!

August 8 - Beautiful day on the bay today. Fishing started slow then after an hour things got really hot and we put six limits of nice rock cod and one nice lingcod in the box then headed back to the barn. Great people to fish with.

August 6 - Ladies & Gentlemen, start fishing! The race was on and right away birthday girl Lexi started filling the fish box. The guys poured on the coals and started gaining but Cindy headed them off and topped off the girl's side of the box then both ladies had to help the guys get their limits. Nice vermillion, a few catch & release lingcod then off to halibut grounds. Wind came up so the halibut fishing was cut short. But next time.... stay tuned.

August 4 - Now we're talking! Great day on the water. The wind was down, the swell was down and the sun was up. We got into the fish big time with limits of nice olives, blues, a variety of other rockcod, big vermillion and two really nice lingcod. Great action and great people to fish with.

August 3 - Another nice day on the water. Rockcod limts by 11:00 then off for halibut. Hali fishing was slow today.

August 2 - What a great day on the water! We had a blast and we got into the rockfish real good. Had a couple nice surprises that we'll keep private for now, thank you very much.

August 1 - Great group of guys fishing for local rockfish. Limits all around but the water was a bit nasty in the mid morning then the wind blew at noon. Couple lings brought in but too small to keep. Halibut fishing wasn't an option today.

July 28 - Today was a little harder to fish due to the wind coming up. We did get limits but had to work pretty hard. Our biggest vermillion caught on MEGA-BITE yet!

July 27 - Can it get any better than this? Limits of real nice rockcod for all and a nice lingcod too. We had a great day on the water and Loren showed us how to catch big lingcod.

July 26 - A fantastic day on the bay and Happy Birthday Jason! Brought home six limits of rockcod including a nice vermillion and two keeper lingcod. Boated a small halibut and let it go back to grow a couple more inches. Really nice group and day.

July 20 - Well, the water was a bit lumpy and the wind wasn't exactly perfect but we did manage full boat limits of really nice big rockcod. Our biggest being about a 7 pound vermillion. Another stab at halibut but didn't get to bring any home.

July 19 - Another wonderful day on the bay. Started out with a bit of a swell but it quieted down nicely. Had really nice rockcod and a lingcod and one VERY BIG vermillion. Tried again for halibut but nothing came in the boat.

July 18 - GREAT DAY with limits of rockcod early in the morning and two really nice lingcod. Great group to fish with again. The ocean was like a lake today and dolphins around the boat. We started out fishing rockcod and got into a bite big time. Non-stop fish coming over the side. After 5 limits of rockcod and 2 lingcod we switched over to halibut fishing. Was able to get one smally then called it a day.

July 10 - Really fine day on the bay. Dolphins swam around the boat all morning and we got into the rockcod BIGTIME. And, we got a slug of a lingcod too! Limits of rockcod for everyone and some of the biggest olive rockcod I've ever seen.

July 9 - Great water today. Flat calm and lots of fishing action. Got 4 nice lingcod and limits of rockcod for everyone!

July 8 - Lots of local fun today. Brought back rockcod and another halibut! One small lingcod hooked and released too. Great group to fish with. Winds and water were a little confused so we ended up fishing nearshore.

July 7 - Went out for rockcod and had to work pretty hard for limits due to the swell. Later came in closer to shore for a lingcod & halibut try but the winds weren't in our favor and after an hour and half decided limits of rockcod was good enough. GREAT DAY! Flat calm all day. We got lingcod (1 in the boat, 3 back in the drink) and limits of rockcod and our first halibut of the season! A nice, really nice, 16 pounder. Great group to fish with too.

June 29 - GREAT DAY! Flat calm all day. We got lingcod (1 in the boat, 3 back in the drink) and limits of rockcod and our first halibut of the season! A nice, really nice, 16 pounder. Great group to fish with too.

June 27 - Nice rockcod limits for all. And 3 keeper lingcod!. After we got limits we switched over to halibut fishing but no halibut today. Great fishing day. Flat calm all day.

June 19 - Rockcod limits for all. After we had our rockcod we decided to switch over to halibut drifting. Wind came up around 11:00am making it difficult to drift for halibut but we did manage to have one halibut take down. Was nice to be in 65-75 degree weather all day when it was 90+ on land. Same weather forecasted for the next few days except it will be a little hotter on land.

June 15 - Started out pretty wild fishing then around 10:30 the bite seemed to slow and the wind picked up. We ended up with 3+ limts of rockcod and went for halibut. Tried drifting and trolling halibut but came up empty handed. No one got into the fish today. Probably the swell kept the fish at bay. Humback whales jumping clear out of the water at a distance.

June 13 - Big day. 4 keeper lingcod to 10.5 pounds, some giant vermillion, and 5 limits of BIG rockcod. Water was flat calm all day and no wind. Humback whales hanging near the boat too. It was really a great day.

May 25 - Great fishing day. Went nearshore for rockcod and lingcod and got on the fish after about an hour of dunking live anchovies. After that we had fish pretty much regularly throughout the day. Watched a few porpoises then later in the morning a whale making it's way up the coast right off our stern. With a hour or so to go we decided we had enough rockfish and switched over to halibut trolling then drifting. Unfortunately the halibut just weren't interested today. The water was flat calm all day and the wind was down. Real nice day.

May 22 - Well, it was WINDY! We headed out in the morning and were met with 6 feet seas and 15 knot winds. A lot of birds are looking like they're on bait so the Bay has certainly turned good. Unfortunately the wind was a bit more than we'd like to fish in and the seas weren't exactly the most comfortable. After a few hours we had a couple 30 knot wind gusts try to drive the boat. We decided to pull the plug but not until after we got a fish in the boat. The winds are forecasted to be much calmer for the next few days so the weekend trips should produce dome good fish counts. We have space on the boat for Saturday and Sunday for Halibut, Rock cod and Lingcod trips.

May 18 - Wonderful day on the Bay today. Great fishing crew. We had a blast and we're finally getting the fish to cooperate. Today we had a couple really nice lingcod, a BIG cabezon and some rock cod. The bigger size than usual of rock cod was a nice surprise too. The bite is turned on and we still have good water conditions for a few days so come on and get in the boat.

May 16 - Well, just like we had hoped, the recently arrived warmer weather and calmer water has made the rockcod and lingcod bite start. Not too many limits being reported but the fish are just now starting up their bite. Expect good bite numbers this weekend. We have seats available for Sunday and Monday.

May 11 - Rock cod and Lingcod season opened May 1st. There's lots of fish down there but they're not biting yet. Water temp is too cold. Expect the bite to turn on around the 3rd week of May when the water gets above 54 degrees. We've been out a couple times this season and don't have any numbers to boast. But, things are going to turn on in just another week or so.

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