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** 2007 ** Fishing Report

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November 10- Great fun day on the bay. We went for crab and rockcod. We ended up with 8 crab for 9 pots and just a couple rockcod due to the red tide we're currently having. BUT... after a couple hours of fishing and crabbing we had a great surprise and started to load up with sand dabs! We started catching all sorts of fish including shark! Lots and lots of sand dabs. What a blast. Now that the rains are here the red tide should be gone in a couple days.

October 7- A bit windy in the morning but things settled down enough for us to get 15 rockfish including a nice vermillion. We also had to throw back two lingcod.

September 30- Perfect day for rockcod & lingcod. The wind was light so we ventured up to Wilder Ranch area and found some nice olives and blacks and a big vermillion. Some small lingcod were released too.

September 23- Perfect day for rockcod & lingcod. Landed three nice limits of quality fish with a bonus big vermillion.

September 15- Another great day on the water. Initially went out for salmon but after a couple hours of clearing the lines of mackeral we decided to go for rock and lingcod. Got some really nice rockcod for everyone.

September 12- Great day on the water with limits of rockcod for everyone and a nice lingcod to top off the day.

September 6- Headed out for a day of salmon fishing and got faced with both a South and a West swell that we've been warned was coming. But we toughed it out and got rewarded with two nice King Salmon and two nice Coho (Coho's had to be released because they are endangered). The mixed swell and Southerly winds are supposed to clear by this weekend.

September 2- We tried for salmon in the morning but lost 3 nice fish, two were taken by sealions. We packed it in and came closer to shore and picked up 50 rockcod for six people. All in all we had a good time and the water settled down a little bit making it easier to catch.

August 27- THE SALMON ARE HERE! THE SALMON ARE HERE! What can I say? Limits of salmon plus a crew fish. Perfect day and great bunch of guys!

August 25- We landed 5 big fish and lost another 5 today. Our smallest was 14 pounds and biggest was 22. Of the 5 we kept 3 came on a triple with the smallest being 20 pounds. GREAT DAY GREAT ACTION.

August 24- Great day on the water today. Flat calm and four fish for four people is very good. And, we lost another FIVE fish! Lot of fun. The salmon are back but they're deep!

August 18- Started out a little bumpy but we finally got into the rock cod THICK and while we're rock codding we landed a 19 pound halibut! Great bunch of people and great fishing.

August 13- Another wonderful day on the bay. Clear and no wind. We got rockcod limits for everyone AND boated 4 big ling cod and lost 2 others. Looks like the ling cod bite is on!

August 11- Great day on the bay with limits of rockcod for all!

August 5- Great time on the water. We started out real strong then the bite slowed down a bit but we hammereed it out and got limits for 6 anglers including a couple vermillions. Great bunch of guys.

August 4- We wanted salmon but since there didn't seem to much salmon action we went for rockcod and the fishing was wild for a few hours then died off. We had a great bunch of people and caught a bunch of rockcod including 5 vermillions!

July 31- Water was great and headed out for rock cod and lingcod. Fishing started slow then it turned on! Limits for everyone and an 8 pound Vermillion and a 4 pound yellow tail were great additions. Lots of fun!

July 29- No wind and flat calm again with a great bunch of people. We got into the rock cod THICK and had a blast. The ladies outfished the men 2 to 1.

July 28- No wind, flat calm with a little rolling swell and cloud cover. We did real good with limits of rock cod for 6 people up to 5 pounds. Also hooked up a salmon on the way in but let it go.

July 27- What a great day on the water. No wind, flat calm water and cloud cover. The fish must have liked it too because we got early limits of BIG rock cod. Hooked up a 20 pound salmon too but... we let it go (unintentionally).

July 26- Here we go again! Great time and rock cod limits for everyone including a good sized lingcod. Water was just a little bumpy with a little wind.

July 25- The wind was up and the water was a little bumpy outside so we tried one of MEGA-BITE's secret rock cod and lingcod near shore spots and had 60 rockcod up to 6 pounds and 3 BIG lingcod. Great day and great people! And I get paid for this?

July 21- The mackeral are still pretty THICK and the wind was up too but we stuck it out and got 35 nice rock cod to 7 pounds and a nice lingcod. Great time, great people.

July 20- The mackeral are THICK but we were able to manage 2 king salmon then after a pause we switched over to rock cod and lingcod for 51 cod up to 5 pounds and a nice blue lingcod! Water and wind were great and it was sunny all day. Great trip.

July 19- Another great day on the bay with limits for six of nice rock cod and lingcod. Tried for halibut but couldn't scare anything up.

July 14- TUNA UPDATE Tuna are now within reach but the weather has started to turn so it will be a day-to-day call to know if we'll go out for tuna. If you're interested in going tuna this week give me a call pronto so I can put a crew together.

July 14- Well we hit pay dirt again with limits of rock cod for 6 people up to 5 pounds. Couple sharks hooked and released. Great day but real foggy.

July 13- The rock cod bite was wide open today with 60 rockcod to 6 pounds AND an 18 pound halibut, a 3 foot shark, a nice coho and a lingcod. We were busy and had a great crew. Tomorrow we hope to have another grand slam day.

July 12- We went out for salmon again and were only able to hookup 3 times. One 28 pound slug, one 12 pound coho, and one no show. We're rockcoding tomorrow and getting ready for the wave of salmon and getting ready to rig up for tuna.

July 10- Well the rumors were true, the new salmon school has arrived! Within just a few hours we had limits for all. The fish aren't really big *yet* but they're here. If you've been waiting for the salmon to show, now is the time to get onboard the MEGA-BITE. It doesn't get much better than this and because of the flurry of salmon I expect seat availability will be limited for the next couple of weeks. So, better get your reservations in now while there's still room.

July 9- We had a great time today with 5 fisherman who got 5 limits of rockcod up to 5 pounds in the morning. Since we finished up early we gave halibut fishing a try but no shows. Water and wind were perfect today. The weather's supposed to stay mild for the next few days. Salmon are beginning to show up again. If you want to get on the new school of salmon this week give Captain Tom a call.

July 2- The weather's been a problem for the past week and has continued to hamper boats from going after salmon. The upside is that the halibut are showing up and some big ones at that. For the past week we have concentrated on rockcod, lingcod and halibut.

June 25- Today we spent the beginning of the day getting 6 limits of rockcod up to 4 pounds. After rockcod limits we came in closer to try halibut. Within a half hour we boated a 30.5 pound whopper. The wind came up around noon and with limits of rockcod and a monster halibut we headed for the barn. The weather's expected to come down by Wednesday so we'll get a good shot at salmon again later this week.

June 21- Doesn't get much better than this. Salmon was red hot with limits for four people by 11:00am with the biggest fish going 26 pounds. A great group of people and lots of laughs and great teamwork. Water was flat calm and the sun was out with whales all around!

June 19 - We headed off for new salmon grounds for the first part of the day with good signs of bait but no fish to be found. Tried one of the honey holes and were able to scare up a couple midsize salmon then went to a secret spot and were able to get our fish. Biggest fish of the day was a 26 pounder horsed in by Aussie Joe. 5 salmon for 5 people plus throw in a few oddball fish like shark, hake and Coho and we had a pretty darn fun time.

June 16 - Salmon fishing is going strong. We set out a little later than planned (it's OK Andrew, now you know why your first hook up came unbuttoned) but we weren't discouraged. We headed out for one of the MEGA-BITE secret spots and got 5 nice salmon from 10-22 pounds in the boat for 5 anglers (Andrew got a second chance and made it stick this time). Thank you Juniper Networks for a great day of fishing. Talk about teamwork!

June 15 - Great day on the bay. Hooked up 6 times and boated 3 big salmon up to 32 pounds. Water and wind were perfect!

June 13 - An even better day of salmon fishing! In fact, the best of this year so far. We headed to a MEGA-BITE special spot and within 15 minutes we started getting hooked up. 8 great fish for 4 great anglers. Throw in another 6-8 cohos that we had to bring in and release along with a couple of Kings fish that never made it to the boat and you've got one wild day of fishing. Especially when you consider we did this all within 3 hours! Back at the dock by noon. The boys are whooped!

June 9 - A great day of salmon fishing! We were in the whales again today. Started out slow then we started getting hooked up. 4 fish for 4 anglers up to 18 pounds. Water was flat calm most of the day.

June 4 & 5 - A great day of salmon fishing! Aside from the humback whales showing up about every ten minutes, we got to see a pod of 25 Orcas (Killer whales) feeding on salmon. We sat and watched the show for about 30 minutes. The following day we headed out for salmon again but the weather was very bad so after an hour or so we came inside and got limits of rockcod for all anglers.

May 28 - Fished up the West side of Soquel Hole for a couple hours without a hit then moved down to the East tip of the hole and got a few no shows, a few unbuttoned at the boat, half dozen Coho for practice and ended up with 4 nice Kings up to 20 pounds for 4 anglers. Deckhand Ryan insisted on running straight bait and he obviously made a good call. Water and wind were flat calm, bait was scattered, whales and dolphins in the area along with probably 100 boats.

May 27 - Went out for a family rockcod trip today and got into the rockcod quick and the action was fast. A bit of wind on the water so we had to manuver the boat often but everytime we dropped in someone hooked up right away. We had 45 rockcod for six people. Tomorrow we head out for salmon.

May 12 - Water was not so nice today and we had 20 mph winds to boot but we stuck it out as long as possible. Our effort paid off with two BIG fish at 38 and 31 pounds! The group was great and everyone had a blast. Tomorrow we head out for salmon again. Hopefully our luck is still on the boat.

May 10 - Water was pretty nice today so we ventured up the coast to try some new spots near Davenport. After a few hours of quiet we got on the bite. 3 very nice salmon to 22 pounds. Smallest being 17 pounds. Wind started coming up so we headed for the barn and got back by 2:30pm. Same group tomorrow. We're going to try the old MEGA-BITE hot spot in the morning.

May 6 - MEGA-BITE was highliner with 8 hookups and landed 5 fish up to a whopping 32 pounds. Next biggest fish was 27 pounds. The water was perfect all day with little wind. The bite didn't turn on until after four hours of trolling. Great day and great group.

April 29th - MEGA-BITE did good with 2 fish up to 20 pounds. A big current turned the bite down for the day but we managed to get two in the boat, most boats had zero to one fish. The weather was perfect and we had some great humpback and orca whale shows.

April 27th - MEGA-BITE did great with 5 fish up to 30 pounds for 4 people. The fishing and weather were perfect! We had Wednesday caught smoked salmon, whales and diving bird shows all morning and had an absoulte blast. Not to mention we brought 5 beautiful fish into the boat. It doesn't get much better than this. Deckhand Ryan did his usual professional job of cleaning and packing the fish on ice with an estimated yield of 65 pounds of salmon filets. A pound of wild Salmon filet at Cosintinos $20.

April 9th to April 26th - Weathered out. Nobody's fishing until this Southerly storm goes away.

April 8th - Here we go again! Weather was starting to come up so we had s hort day but we nailed 3 nice salmon to 25 pounds. Great day and a great group even if we pulled the plug early.

April 7th - SALMON OPENER!!! Here we go! We smacked em big time! Six nice salmon for six guys plus 1 we let back and 3 taken by sealions. It was wild and it was fun! 10 hookups and six to go home was the highliner of the fleet! Can't wait till tomorrow.

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